Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • sanjay02
    12-18 06:34 PM
    Does any one know what this message means? I am pasting it below, I havent opted from consular processing then why would my I-485 go to NBC? I am a July 2007 filer for my I-485

    On December 18, 2008, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location for processing because they now have jurisdiction over the case. We sent you a notice of this transfer. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • validIV
    03-24 10:49 AM
    In summary, the immigration system remains broken. Pls fix k thx.

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  • jsb
    08-27 11:08 AM
    I just got off the phone with a second level rep at USCIS and am getting really confused with their mixed messaged. before i push any panic buttons can some one please let me know if they had any conversations with the idiotic bunch at uscis and share your conversations with regards to the visa availability for next month. this idiot states that vsc just oversubscribed and that it could be that there wont be any movement on the cases. all this over enthusiasm for nothing - that would really infuriate me. there is a limit to the fuss they can cause and play with emotions.

    Let us look at it positively. Sept dates are already published. Therefore, centers are now free to assign visas for cases they may have already preadjudicated, but wait for issuing approvals until September. It is quite possible that all the visas available have already been assigned to these preadjudicated cases, and they are now just waiting for September to come so that they can issue formal approvals

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  • kaushalrupani
    07-12 09:40 PM

    Here is my story, your help & information will be appreciated...

    1. I am currently working for Company A on L1B.
    2. I applied for my H1B through company B while I was in US, which got approved and is valid from Oct 2007.
    3. Now, my Company B which filed for my H1B had also applied for a Change of Status with the H1 & I have got my Change of Status notice along with the H1b approval. This means that my status will change to H1 from October and my L1B will not be valid.

    Now, my problem is that I do not want to Join the New company until December.
    However, can I still work with my company A on L1B even if after October.

    Is there any Solution where we can reverse the change of Status?? and will i still be able to work on L1B after October even if my status is H1B. Will my L1B be valid or it will get cancelled???


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  • vik352
    03-20 05:35 PM

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  • rolrblade
    08-21 04:01 PM
    This POLL is only for the following people: Please respond:

    1. Filed / Approved I-140 in TSC
    2. Applied 485 at either NSC or TSC.
    3. Receipt Pending / received


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  • fall2004us
    03-27 03:19 PM
    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)

    lol :D

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  • zfgreencard
    03-31 10:03 PM


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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-19 02:27 PM
    Please talk to your congressman and/or Senator and update them of your plight in particular and the EB immigration mess in particular. They are very responsive.

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  • english_august
    09-18 01:26 PM
    At the IV rally blog

    Please spread the word - send that link out to your friends so that they realize the efforts and success of IV.


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  • webm
    04-02 12:57 PM
    "Then can I have mulitple jobs, say I start a company, or work for others as well ?"

    I guess you can on EAD...

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  • h1bapplnt
    02-08 06:23 PM
    Respected Madam/Sir,

    I have an issue with my H1B application. Please help me.

    I attended my H1B interview at Mumbai Consulate on 02nd Dec 2010. At that time Officer told me that you are qualified for H1B Visa but company is not good for you. Officer convinced me to withdraw the petition.
    Then they gave me one form and asked me to sign on it and write you are withdrawing the petition.

    Next day I called my sponsor and told everything. But sponsor told me that he is ready to provide all the docs and few applications already approve at consulate Hyderabad.

    On 20th Dec 2010, I took new appointment and went for interview. At the time of interview I told that "I withdrawn my application as per suggestions given by Visa Officer, But my sponsor had a debate with me and put forth the point that they are not violating any norms and laws, and thereby ready to provide all sorts of doc.Please reconsider my application as they offered me very challenging role".
    Then Officer asked few docs about my sponsor and asked me to come directly to consulate with passport and gave me 221 G blue form.

    On 5th Jan 2010, I went with my docs and Visa Officer granted me VISA and now I got the passport with VISA.

    But, on 4th Jan 2010, just before one day, I got a below mail from Consulate Mumbai.

    Dear Sir,
    Based on the interviews and documents submitted at U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, we have returned your petition to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for review and possible revocation. If a consular officer receives information during the interview process that was not available to the adjudicating immigration officer at the time of petition approval and that shows the beneficiary of a petition is not entitled to the accorded status, then the petition must be returned to USCIS for re-examination. Due to this requirement, consular officers returned your petition and additional supporting documents to the Kentucky Consular Center.
    You may address further inquiries on this petition to the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    Now I am US, and Officers didnt asked anything at port of entry.

    But in USCIS website, the petition status is showing that they recieved my petition from state department and they are reviewing it.

    Can I get the SSN and Am I legal to stay in US. What should I do. Please let me.

    Thanks in advance


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  • nk2006
    11-12 10:14 AM
    Hi California members,

    There is an IV action item to fight recent practice of USCIS in denying I485 applications in some AC21 cases. For more info, please visit:

    It’s a serious issue which can affect many of us, please act now and send letters (letter formats and everything else is ready in the thread quoted above). It will only take a few minutes of your time.

    State chapter leader,
    Please try to bring attention of your state members to this IV core approved effort.

    Thank you.

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  • dallasdude
    01-08 11:13 AM
    That would be devastating! I dont see any positives out of that move.


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  • whattodo21
    04-26 03:26 PM
    Currently on H4 and validity expires on 09/23/2010. Can be applied for extension when principal applicants H1B is being extended(from his company), but since I have my H1B case filed with USCIS, will it create any conflict if I apply for H4 extension now? (ideally for 7 days (23rd sept to 30th sept) !! 'coz if approved, H1B status becomes valid from Oct 1st, right? )

    Also, is there any rule which states that, when a case is pending with USCIS, legally you are not supposed to leave the country?

    Thanks in advance,

    your question is that you are on h4 and have applied for H1. Your h4 will expire in sept.

    If your h1b is approved, your h4 extension will be invalidated.... i think. check with the lawyer though

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  • Vexir
    05-05 02:38 AM
    Aww butters you non-original choob, (dont ask me what that is, long story, just dont use it) you totally just used a tutorial from good-tutorials!! im dissapointed in you... :( (referring to the green one)


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  • zCool
    04-02 01:00 PM
    Agree ,
    once you are on EAD , you can work for any number of employers..

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  • arti.jain
    11-07 06:45 PM
    I have very simple questions, but having searched the web for 9 hours haven't found a definte answer. Any help is really really appreciated...

    My L1A and I-94 expires on 12/31/2009. Same is true for my wife and child. my company has not yet filed for extension yet.
    My GC application 140+485 concurrently under EB1 was filed recently, mailed on 10/30/2009.

    1. I do not need to travel outside USA at this point, can my company file for normal processing extension and wait for result even when my i-94 would have already expired. Trying to save the additional $1000(*3 potentially,) for premium processing.
    2. Does my company really need to file L1 extension now, or can wait till march/April for 140 approval/denial/RFE and file based on situation then? Note i am not eligible for i-140 premium processing so have to wait for 3-4 months.
    3. Our Driving Licenses(CA) expires on December 31st,2009. Is there a way to get that extended because even if i file L1A extension, i may not be able to get the approval notice by the end of year. So DMV would not extend it. Can i get some letter from somewhere or just ask for I-94 extension without petition extension, which might happen quickly.
    4. My wife has an EAD and it expired on 5th Nov 2009, since she is not working at this point (and out of laziness), we did not file for extension. Is she out of status or back to L2 status? Do we need to apply for COS.

    Please help me resolve simple question.

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  • sundeep14
    07-06 11:40 AM
    Hello friends,

    wanted to see the timeline of EAD renewals currently..I have a EAD renewal receipt notice date of June 18th......was wondering how many days is TX taking to approve the notice....

    Did aanyone around June 15 -June 20th get any approval yet?

    08-09 07:53 AM
    Please find below my case details:

    i.Started on L1A in Dec 2001

    ii.Applied for a new H1 in June 2005 with start date as Oct 1,2005(New H1 application) : Came to US on H1 in Mar 2006 with "I 94 and Petition End Date(PED)" as Dec 2007.

    iii.Since Dec 2001 till Mar 2006, have been in India for totalling 10 months (2.5 months in 2003, 1.5 months 2004, 6 months during 2005-2006).

    With the assumption that I can recapture the time spent outside US (10 months), the six year clock ends in Oct 2008. If so, to get 7th year extension
    would it work as long as the Labour is filed before Oct 2007.

    Am I correct in this assessment or does the 6 year clock indeed ends in "Dec 2007" (as in my I94/PED) and I should have the Labour filed before Dec 2006.

    Any thoughts? Appreciate your comments.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    you have enough time to get started with your labor. earlier the better. have your company start your labor in a couple of months so that do dont have to worry about all the nitty gritties of recapture of time. yes one can recapture the time with a petition. less legal work is less money paid and less headache in my opinion.

    03-04 10:07 AM
    I am now "current" with Nebraska and the latest Visa Bulletin. I have completed all other hurdles (including finger printing) how long should I expect now to wait now for my green card to be adjudicated ?

    Also, I have no idea about the FBI name check.. How do you even know if your file is being held up because of an FBI name check ?

    My status
    The March 2008 Visa Bulletin indicates they are proceessing up to priority date of 01 Jan 2005 (my PD date is Jan 2004)


    Nebraska Service Center Processing Dates -posted Feb 15 2008- indicates a I-485 EB �processing time frame� of July 30th 2007 (my receipt date is June 12 07/Notice date July 10 2007.

    Perhaps some of you had a similar experience and can kindly share how long you waited in the final step for the GC once you were "current".

    thank you !

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