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  • hcard
    09-16 03:15 PM
    We applied on June 15th (TSC) still waiting...currect EAD exp. next week :(

    I applied on Jun6th and got my EAD 2 weeks back. I took infopass to expedite the process. The IO wrote an email to someone in TSC. I got approved next week. Give a try taking Infopass.

    Good luck

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  • sanjay02
    05-31 02:58 PM
    When renewing EAD paper filing not E-file, I had written the check in favor of USCIS instead of "U.S.Department of Homeland security" , do you think there would be a issue for them to accept the cheque?


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  • ca_immigrant
    04-28 08:00 PM
    These are so screwed up...

    Looks like they are heavily back logged.. (mabye cause the conslate did not accept PIO and OCI applications for almost a month)

    I sent in my daughter's OCI for miscelaneous service - move OCI sticker to new passport...

    sent it in March and its still not yet reached the consulate..
    when I applied the rules said they need a copy of old passport, they later changed the rules and are now saying you need to send orignal passport.
    I sent the orignal passport also to them and since then no update -:(

    Just impossible to reach them on the phone since the last 2 hours -:( and still waiting...

    they do not reply to emails either.

    any one else here having trouble with them ?


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  • Ann Ruben
    01-28 09:49 AM
    Because you remained in the US for more than a year after USCIS denied your change of status you are barred from entering the US for 10 years. However, you are entitled to apply for a waiver of this 10 year bar pursuant to �212(d)(3)(A) of the INA which, if granted, would enable you to obtain an L-2 visa and legally enter the US.

    If you are not upfront about your prior overstay, you commit visa fraud. As a consequence, you will face a lifetime bar to enter the US with little or no possibility of a waiver.


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  • vjkypally
    07-20 02:07 PM
    Can I take up a managerial position even though I am an analyst on the LC/I-140 etc.....??????????

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  • peekay
    12-17 01:47 PM
    My current status is H1B with I-140 approved. I am planning for a fulltime MBA for which I have to transfer my visa to student visa. I heard from some sources that I cannot transfer to student visa when my 140 is approved. Does anyone here knows how far this is true?



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  • milindss
    11-05 10:34 AM
    Hello Gurus,
    I transferred my H1 in June and later in September, I converted to premium and got a query. My employer sent all documents to them, I have to go to India on 24th Nov for my marriage, The H1 from my previous employer is valid until Dec 2008. I am planning to come back to US in December last week. Also I have to take appointment in India for my H1 stamping and H4 for my wife.

    The application status says, they would respond in 60 days(?????) , for a premium processing ? Can you please advice, what I can do?

    ================================================== ===

    Current Status: Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed.

    On xxxxxxx, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


    Any help will be highly appreciated.
    Edit/Delete Message

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  • stephsh
    01-18 07:48 AM
    I tried using the way you proposed but it doesnt work, presumably since I�m using and not silverlight.


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  • aguy
    07-27 03:14 PM

    There seems to be a lot of mixed information about F1-OPT and I-485.

    My wife is on a F1 visa. She will be finishing school soon. She also has a pending I-485 linked to my application and an "approved" EAD.

    Can she apply for OPT?

    I will appreciate if someone can shed light on this.


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  • rickys_in
    10-04 06:31 PM
    How soon before the passport expiry can we go for the renewal?

    1 year before the expiry


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  • veni001
    07-08 09:11 AM
    Based on anu_t in this post...
    Priority Date: Jan 2006
    Category: EB3
    I-140 Approved: Aug 2006
    I-485 Filled: July 2007

    I have a new job offer and the employer is willing to sponsor my GC in EB2 category. The job requires BS+5 years experience which I have.

    Question: If the old employer revokes my I-140 before the new employer files new PERM and I-140 under EB2 category, can I still port my EB3 priority date to EB2?

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  • my2239
    04-18 09:19 AM
    Hi ,
    my experience with O visa is that paperwork, presentation, previous track record of the lawyer with USCIS is critical

    so in this case, absorbing the 5000 cost difference may be a good idea

    Of course you can always ask your employer if they are willing to take that hit but as you know you have a 50 % chance there at the best

    So decision is yours


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  • pcs
    01-25 10:00 PM
    AP means, he is pre authorized to come back. Talk to some guys & wait to see some more replies at thou is forum. Ask your friend to block seats till you get more clarity.

    Best of luck.....

    By the way, pease stay active with IV & help our / your cause by getting more active members & contributions

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  • jimithing
    02-19 05:02 PM
    Hi folks. My wife is petitioning for my green card and we are kind of stuck on a few questions. Hope someone can help us with some or all of these queries we have.

    1. Part C q#10 - I arrived in the US in 2004 on an F1 visa. Now, I'm on H1B status. I don't believe I have ever been given an alien registration number. Am I wrong?
    2. Part C q#14 - Do I say I arrived as a student even though I am currently on H1-B? If so, I don't have that I-94 anymore. It was taken by the airline when I left to get my H1-B stamped. Also, I have travelled extensively for work ever since I started my job. Consequently, I have two I94's. This is because I recently renewed my passport and when I went to Canada for business, upon returning they gave me a new I-94 (the previous I-94 is still in my old passport). So, what do i say i arrived as? And which I-94 number should I provide? Also, the format of the I-94 number on the top of the card seems to be different from that on the application ie. xxx-xxxxxxxx???
    3. Part C q#19 and 20 - I don't really have any relatives in my home country anymore. Do I still have to give an address? Also, I can't write my name in my native language either. What do i do?
    4. Part C q#22 - The instructions for I-485 say that if I am filing concurrently then I should mail everything to their lockbox address in Chicago. So, do I enter Chicago, IL here? or my current city, state of residence?

    1. Part 3 - Non Immigrant visa number? I don't see this particular number anywhere on my H1-B visa. Can anyone help me locate this??

    Thank you in advance for your help.




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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:17 PM
    not feeling the font.

    also a blue sky might give more of an island feel. When i see the stamp i think of a scorching hot desert right now.

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  • veni001
    07-09 01:52 PM
    Whay are you asking this question??:confused:

    what are the complications of applying to eb2 if there is only 3 year degree bachelor degree? Have a masters degree from Singapore - will that be enough to qualify?


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  • viveksri
    06-19 12:46 PM
    p7810456, makemygc ,

    I really don�t know which letter/word in the title of thread makes you think about �VISA BULLETIN�. Moreover USCIS is not the one that issue Monthly Visa Bulletin.

    Anyway I have changed the title.


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  • jcrajput
    10-09 07:53 AM
    I-485 Rejected/RND:09-21/I-140 Not Found/USCIS error/Re-file date:10/09/07/Recevied By: 10/09/07/Status:No news after re-sent

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  • priya23
    02-21 03:09 PM

    My husband does not have an H1 stamp in his passport even though he has been in status since he did not go to india,right now he has got 3 yr extension on the basis of an approved I-140 petition,we are going to india to get our visa stamped next month.

    Can anyone advise me whether not having a previous H1 stamp in the passport will create any problems for us in getting stamped now.He was on an L1 visa before converting to H1,he has not gone to india since 2002.

    kindly advise

    08-26 02:37 PM
    Sounds like you already have a lawyer, follow their advice. It looks like the RFE is to ensure that you are directly working for the sponsoring company. A letter to that effect from your supervisor should suffice in this regard. I doubt this has anything to do with the OPT/e-Verify stuff you mentioned.

    However, I am not a lawyer, so I would suggest follow your/company lawyer's advice.

    06-21 02:29 PM
    Please advise,
    I had a citation 3 yrs back and I paid fine in the court for tresspasing...
    Is this going to be effect on my GC process..I am preparing to apply I-485

    Thanks in Advance

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