Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • iv_only_hope
    01-14 11:00 AM
    Yes and then we will spend the rest of the year just discussing current and future VBs

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  • jsb
    09-24 09:04 AM
    Another thread tells USCIS offices are shuttling cases around. See below

    No one is sure where you case has been sent to (at least until you get receipt...or even after that). Weekly updates only tell about the cases each office decided to keep. No one knows about transferred (or yet undecided as to where to send) cases...weekly updates don't apply to them !!!

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  • raidohri
    06-15 12:27 PM
    Normally how long the medicals are valid, I have applied my 485 in the past with medicals that are 7 month old

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  • bayarea07
    09-11 08:22 PM
    Called Up and Left Voice Mails
    Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
    Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
    Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
    Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176

    Can anyone Please update the final list of all the supporters and non suppoerters so that we can focus only on Non Supporters as of now.


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  • pansworld
    07-09 08:42 PM
    Stating something like:

    We could not have been happier with that passing of the flowers to the brave men and women who protect and serve this country. We also hope that our message was not lost in translation.

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  • ramus
    06-29 04:45 PM
    wonder what would have made them change the dates? They even haven't seen any application yet?


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  • zram1977
    10-05 08:30 AM
    we got approval on our I-485 (PD Jan,2006).
    I take this opportunity to THANK IV ans its Core Group for doing this wonderful service to EB Immigrants community.

    Thanks and best wishes for those who are in the sprocess.


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  • Nagireddi
    08-25 03:57 PM
    I use sprint data card with a router at home for DSL. Anybody has an idea whether Vonage works with this kind of DSL.Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated.Thank you guys.


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  • sparky_jones
    01-26 01:05 PM
    My experience with British Airways back in 2004 was actually quite good. My flight to Delhi was delayed by 12 hours. I approached a BA agent, and he helped me get a 24 hr UK visa to leave the airport, a hotel room at the airport, and meal coupons. I was traveling on Indian passport with a valid unexpired H1B visa stamp (the agent did tell me that he was able to do all this for me since I had an unexpired US visa).

    I was in a similar situation in 2003 travelling with Air France, and they refused to extend any help whatsover. I didn't have an unexpired US visa in my passport at that time. I have heard from others who've had good experiences with Air France.

    I guess one's experience with an airline completely depends on the prevailing circumstances, the specific service agents, and one's own level of patience and tolerance. Its hard to characterize any one airline as particularly good or particularly bad.

    However, having an unexpired US visa in one's passport definitely puts one is a better position to negotiate in difficult circumstances. I guess the prevailing opinion among several of these European transit countries is that if you have a valid unexpired US visa, you are less likely to cause trouble or seek asylum in their country.

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  • pani_6
    09-09 04:09 PM
    good to members

    Admins/ Mods,

    Please send an email from 'admin to registered users'.

    Thank You


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  • rsharma
    06-13 11:25 PM
    I understand your point. But this is exactly what anti-immigrants complain about H1Bs. ( depressing wages, outsourcing etc)

    It is interesting that we are using anti-immigrant's arguments to pin L1s.

    I would like to point out the differences between H1B and L1
    1. There is a yearly limit for H1B (65k + 20K) but L1s are limitless.
    2. A minimum wage need clause is there for H1B but minimum wage is not required to be paid for L1s. There are people in L1A visas who are supposed to be Senior Managers are sometimes paid less than 60K per annum by these offshore companies. As although they are brough in L1A visa they are in fact developers.
    3. Almost 99% of the L1s are from offshore companies whose main intention is to send the project/job to offshore, most of the H1Bs do not have this intention.
    4. L1s cannot change their employer, so they are bound to follow what their offshore employer ask them to do i.e try to take the job offshore, H1Bs can change employers, they will not try to send the job to offshore as they will then eventually have tomove back to offshore.

    So if we clearify these points even to the antis, I hope they will understand who is the real culprint for the employment scarcity. Each of these companies are moving thousands of jobs out of this country making the problems for Citizens/Green Card holders/H1Bs.

    99.99% of all the L1s are not used as they were intended when the law was signed.

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  • reddymjm
    08-21 09:51 AM
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  • sc3
    08-20 09:54 PM
    Also, how is the spillover going to be distributed among EB3? First EB3 ROW and then EB3 C/I as in the old system?

    Personally, I think the visa recapture bill would help things quite a bit.

    The idea here is to get USCIS to follow the law

    Yes, the old system will be restored. Please note that this is the only sure fire way of EB3-I going forward. There is some comments that EB3-I can really only benefit if EB2-I goes current with the current horizontal spill over rules. Such statements are clearly misleading. Eb3-I will not directly be impacted by EB2-I being current. It just allows EB3 to get a lot of numbers which will first be used by EB3-ROW before spilling over into EB3-I.

    With this change, we get EB3ROW move ahead faster, it probably would have been C had the rules been followed, and EB3 would have started moving ahead.

    The only way for EB3 to move ahead is for EB3-ROW to become current, nothing else will help EB3 beyond the visa recapture (which is iffy at best). If we get USCIS to follow rules, this happens sooner, and EB3-I starts to move sooner. If not, EB3-I shall wait for a long time.

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  • summerof98
    09-11 04:34 PM
    How do you know when the process begins and how do you find out if your name clears or is stuck like so many others?

    Call (in the morning) 1-800-375-5283 and follow this sequence: 1,2,2,6,1,1,1,3,4.

    If the Immigration Officer is kind enough you can ask if the Name Check is cleared. If he/she says No, you can ask him/her the date it was sent to the FBI.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:47 AM
    No, I have the conviction, but don't have money...
    If you need 50 people to support you then your own convictions are weak.

    You do not need 50 people to file class action. There is no minimum number. You can do it yourself too.

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  • crystal
    07-15 08:00 AM,0,5046454.story?coll=bal-opinion-headlines


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  • anura
    04-07 10:21 AM
    I guess, we need to hire, one octopus for every months' prediction. That will be cheaper, instead of we put our brain in predictions.

    I disagree. Octopus will cost money but using the brain costs nothing. Cheers. :)

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  • mohican
    01-13 04:01 PM
    I assume others have got this too...please share next steps. I assume MTR is one of them. I have attached the jpeg file.

    What happens after sending letters to the ombudsman?
    Is it necessary to have MTR before sending to ombudsman?


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  • dontcareaboutGC
    04-05 03:10 PM
    I am posting this from Ron Gotcher's forum-

    "Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11040563 (posted Apr. 5, 2011)"

    Following-up on his earlier observations on EB-1 demand and "spill-down" to EB-2 reported on InfoNet on March 29, 2011 (InfoNet Doc. No. 11032960), Charlie Oppenheim discussed scenarios for EB-2 movement in the coming months. In preparation of the May 2011 Visa Bulletin, DOS will consider the approximately 12,000 unused EB-1 numbers that will "spill-down" to EB-2, EB-2 demand and possible unused numbers, and will consult with USCIS on its processing potential. A quick look by DOS at this point indicates that there is the possibility for greater advancement of the India EB-2 category than had earlier been thought. Doing so will give DOS better visibility into EB-3 upgrade demand in the pipeline, and will better ensure that all visas allowed annually are used. However, a rapid advance could spur a surge in demand that could impact the cut-off dates later in the year. The May Visa Bulletin, generally issued mid-April, will contain a discussion of visa availability projections for the remainder of the year.

    01-10 07:08 PM
    You really cannot determine the achievable factor of a goal on a scale of 1 to 100 so that ordering is moot. In fact, there is some merit in keeping our most ambitious goals upfront - with enough support from the community we might just achieve them.

    Point noted.
    NorCal'ers as well as others, please act NOW... we can do it, IV can help!

    08-19 09:48 AM
    No need to worry at all. The cards will arrive very soon. My case pretty much similar.

    did you get yours without CPO mail ? My case is same. No CPO, though got approval/decision emails and approval snail mail.

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