Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • gc_on_demand
    02-17 10:11 AM
    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Was it first h1 renewal (meaning 3rd year) or second h1 renewal (meaning 7th year).

    Did you do anything extra to avoid PIMS delay (like when you renewed your h1) did your employer keep another copy with a notice saying send to Kentucky CC

    How long was the gap between h1 renewal received and you going for stamping?

    It was first H1b ext. Company did not send second copy to Kentucky CC . On roadside window where VFS does preliminary check , vfs person put PIMS forbid in DS 156. Dont know what does it mean. also h1b renewal was in nov 2008 and I went for .stamping in feb 2009.

    One more thing VFS mumbai told me that they will not allow even US born child ( even new born ) if they are not applicant. Only applicant child ( those who are for h4 ) allowed inside. at delhi situation was totally different.

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  • lazycis
    10-19 01:22 PM
    I have a similar timeline - applied for LC in February 2002, got approval in December 2003, filed I-140 in February 2004, I-485 in March 2004. Currently filing for my fifth EAD! The USCIS not only tortures the whole family (it's a common practice that name check is pending only for primary applicant) but makes us to pay for the wait! My son was born around the time we filed for adjustment of status, he will go to school soon but we are still not sure whether we will be allowed to stay. We cannot plan ahead and open education funds for our children. My wife cannot go to college, as she is not eligible for in-state tuition discount. Needless to say, I am forced to sacrifice my career as the whole thing is dragging for 5+ years and I have to work at the same position to keep GC process alive. I've got MCSD certificate and outgrew my position long ago. I cannot quit my job and found a new business.
    The USCIS explains the delay by national security interests, but the national security requires the very opposite - speedy processing of the background checks.

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  • adhantari
    08-13 03:01 PM
    I have an idea. We can make following proposal to lawmakers....

    In next 2 years they can sunset EB3 catagory. In exchange for that they will give visa numbers enough for everyone whose EB3 485 is pending or in pipeline(labor, 140)

    What you guys think of this idea?

    Anyways there are lot of people who just want to keep EB1 and EB2 catagories. We may get support from them with this proposal......

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  • vinaykadiyam
    01-02 11:47 PM
    Thanks Roswball.

    I want to come with H1B visa. May I know the list of documents required at POE?

    Thanks and REgards,


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  • gjain
    11-02 09:35 AM
    Hello everybody,

    I am trying to locate people from the nebraska service center, who have a received date of aug 15th and notice date of Oct 11.
    Please let me know if any of you have received ypur EAD yet or is it approved yet?

    I am running out of patience.


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  • nathan99
    04-21 05:44 AM
    I always have liked bacon... :thumb:


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  • vinzak
    11-10 02:06 PM
    Tareek pe Tareek, Tareek pe Tareek...GC dene wala nahi rehta...GC lene wala nahi rehta....sirf reh jaati hai TAREEEK!!! ;)

    If you don't know what I'm talking about...

    YouTube - DAMINI - Tareekh Pe Tareekh (

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  • vikki76
    02-27 11:59 PM
    If your AGI is less than 65,000 then you can claim deductions for US taxes if loan is taken from US bank but Good thing about taking loan from Indian banks is that-loan won't show up on US credit report.
    There is no other advantage from Indian bank.


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  • ozz232
    09-07 04:38 PM
    I have decided to quit my current Company A.
    My termination date is Sept 15th.
    Am talking to Company B for my H1 transfer.
    Can you please tell me how much time do I have from Sept 15th if the transfer application gets delayed, incase.
    Thank You very much.

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  • yabadaba
    06-30 03:05 PM
    250 words in the body of the thread. It can't be one liners.

    That will explain why and what A thread is for. Otherwise, members will be scatching their heads and will show no further interest.
    factory man i tried to be as detailed as possible. please give me ur suggestion and i ll change it accordingly


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  • aarzoo
    01-14 12:52 PM
    There have been cases reported in past on this forum where the PERM approval was lost in mail.

    You should ask your employer to download the PERM approval from DOL ETA website, which should be completed and signed by both you and your employer (similar to the PERM paper approval that you did not receive).

    Your lawyer should submit this form with I-140 and also request USCIS to obtain a duplicate copy of PERM approval from DOL. This may help.

    Are you porting to EB2?

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  • FinalGC
    07-31 09:44 PM
    instead of a thread, is it possible to track using a spreadsheet????


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  • baldev.thakur
    06-24 02:31 PM
    Hi folks
    Hi Folks
    Assuming & God Willing I get my GC then , how long does it take to get US Citizenship. Does it matter which state you are working in and the Queues , State Wide Differ OR its the same slab.
    Can someone point me to the webpage on USCIS that tells you how long the Q is . Does it matter , what your prev. nationality before GC was like to Priority Date my country or no relation.
    HOW can I get US Citizenship Fastest ? AND HOW LONG, friends, does it take to get your family here as a dependent of a US Citizen

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  • ajju
    10-12 03:50 PM
    So that means it starts prior to Dec'9th for my case..????

    For July filers these 2 dates are way too far.. for June filers there'll be few days difference only...

    The RD (Receipt Date) is the date USCIS received your application. And 180 days for AC21 triggers from this date.. Not the ND (Notice Date), when USCIS actually enached your checks and issued you a receipt... The CRIS website usually shows ND...

    Seems your RD is June 9th... Confirm from your I-485 receipts too...


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  • BostonGCVictim
    04-07 03:09 PM
    This for supporting illegal immigrant causes. Supporting this is entirely upto you based on your beliefs but our issues as legal immigrants is not going to be addressed by them

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  • wandmaker
    01-10 01:02 AM
    1, Manner of Last Entry into the U.S.: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B (SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?
    2, Status: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B(SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?
    3, Please select your eligibility status : Should I choose (a) (4) PAROLEE or (c) (9) FILED I-485?

    Your status is Parolee for 1,2 and 3


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  • yawl
    06-15 04:06 PM
    CIR will be back soon, lots of works to do:

    Reid, McConnell Statement On Immigration Bill

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement today:

    “We met this evening with several of the Senators involved in the immigration bill negotiations. Based on that discussion, the immigration bill will return to the Senate floor after completion of the energy bill.”

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  • gcgc2005
    12-17 10:31 PM
    Hello Everyone! Please advise me on the following agreement.

    I am currently working with green card sponsored employer on H1B (I have my EAD). I have my I485 pending with I140 approved and its been more than 180 days since my I485 has been pending. I am looking to use AC21, but concerned with the following agreement. Is this enforceable? Its been couple of years since I signed this and I know it's still a long wait before my I485 is approved. Please advise.

    This Addendum (part of the signed Employment Agreement by both parties) made as of - day of - by - and between XXXX company (hereinafter refereed to as "Employer") and - residing at - (hereinafter referred to as "Employee")

    Employer has processed Green Card for the Employee. Employee agrees to work for a minimum of 6 months (Client Billable hours) with Employer after Employee gets his/her Green Card approved, sponsored by Employer. Employee agrees to pay $10,000 to Employer in case if Employee does not work with Employer for 6 months after getting the physical Green Card.

    In the event that Employer commences litigation to enforce its rights under this Addendum and the Employment Agreement, Employee agree to pay for all filing fees, court costs, and Attorney's fees. In addition, should Employer incur pre-litigation costs in enforcing the Addendum, including but not limited to reasonable collection agency fees or pre-litigation attorneys fees and costs, then Employee agrees to reimburse Employer for all said costs incurred.

    Governing Law: The laws of Common Wealth of Virginia shall govern this Addendum. Any litigation in connection herewith shall be brought in the state of federal courts for Fairfax, VA and both parties consent to such court's exercise of personal jurisdiction over them.

    Employee represents that he/she has read and understand the terms of this Addendum, has had an opportunity to ask questions and to review this Addendum with legal counsel of his/her choice, is not relying on any advice from Employer in this regard, and is voluntarily signing this Addendum.

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  • crazyghoda
    05-27 03:48 PM
    There is no reason to start celebrating since this does not make a case of legal immigration in any way.

    Accenture never was a US incorporated company in the first place. They were incorporated in Bermuda which has no taxes so that they do not have to pay taxes on worldwide income. Over the years there was increasing criticism about incorporating in a tax haven which is why they have decided to change the country of incorporation to Ireland. Ireland has low taxes, a tax treaty with the US and is a part of the EU which is why the decision was taken to move to Ireland.

    What would have made it real sweet was if they had decided to change the place of incorporation to India saying given the number of people it employs in India.

    08-22 12:28 PM

    I did not sign in the 325 form...where it says that sign here

    "if your native alphabet is other than Roman letters, write your name in native alphabet below".

    Would this be a concern?


    Your question is not clear.

    did you forget to sign the G-325A form where it says "Sign here"
    did you forget to write your name in native alphabet?

    In first case, it will be considered improperly filed and chances are it will be rejected.
    In second case, even if your native language is other than English, the person who does initial review will not know that and it will be accepted and processed.

    I hope it is the second case .

    11-20 01:00 PM
    But I work in the same company and same dept..isn't AC21 only used if you quit GC sponsoring company

    I was not sure, hence I asked you to check with a good attorney. Will your work be different then described in your LC?
    Did not mean to create confusion for you.
    Good luck.

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