Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • edaltsis
    08-19 01:44 PM
    Have to live at the mercy. My last 2 EAD renewals were very quick, I got them both in 10-15days after I applied.

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  • xtronics
    03-19 10:50 AM
    Thank you so much jangolouis
    What visa did you apply for H4 or H1?
    Also did you call Dept. of state before you got your visa?
    Please let me know when you get a chance. Thank you so much again

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  • sanjay02
    05-22 03:09 AM
    Your case has moved to another office, usually it happens when they schedule an interview at local office.

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  • MatsP
    July 4th, 2006, 01:19 PM
    Welcome to Dphoto, 12bar.

    Dumb rookie questions are more fun than Pro' questions in my opinion. Mostly because I'm able to answer them...

    Although I enjoy motorcycles, I'm not really a BMW fan (just don't really fancy them, nothing in particular, just not my type of bike... More of a japanese race-bike type of guy).

    Guitarrs tend to not work at all for me... :-(

    But I'm happy to answer any questions you may have - assuming I know the answer, or am able to figure out something that sounds realistic ;-)



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  • hibworker
    01-26 01:41 PM
    I am in H1b and my wife is a F1 student. Both of us are chinese.

    My company will apply the Green Card for me this year. As I know, my wife can be dependent on my application.

    My wife always go back to china every summary or winter vocation. She need to re-apply her F1 visa every year as a student from china.

    My concern stems from my wife's F1 status. We are wondering whether the immigrant petition will conflict with her F1's non-immigrant intention (unlike H1B which is accepted as a transient from non-immigrant to immigrant).

    Will this conflict have a huge affection on her F1 visa application in china?

    As a dependent your wife will have to join your petition at I485 stage - at that point she will not be able to get F1 as she would have shown immigrant intent.

    Prior to that, it will depend on how visa officer treats your pending GC app in relation to her F1. I have applied for I-485 but my wife hasn't and she recently got her F1 stamped in New Delhi without any issues.

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  • crazyghoda
    08-17 06:06 PM
    .... for 4 years. It was expiring in Dec 2009 and they renewed it till Dec 2013. No questions asked about immigration status at all. I did have to show a utility bill to show my new address and that was it. Paid $10 and got my license.

    Chicago rocks!


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  • clif
    03-17 04:47 PM
    While on H1B with Employer A, can I use EAD for 2nd job with Employer B?

    Also, can I work as independent consultant/contractor (get 1099 instead of W2) while working on H1B with Employer A?

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  • Dom_
    07-30 03:20 AM
    this one is very cool


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  • skbPad
    10-16 04:08 PM
    Hi Guys,

    On July 2nd I have applied for my wife (EAD, AP, I485) and have waited for 3 months (October 1st) to hear that USCIS has rejected her application due to wrong fees (But we have sent them the correct fees)
    My Lawyer immediately sent back the application to USCIS saying that the Check we have sent is correct and it is before increasing the fees and we haven�t done any mistake.

    In the meantime on July 16th I got my 485 approved and got my GC. So now we were worried as my wife is already out of status and don�t know how long it will take now to get her receipts and how long she can stay.

    I have tried calling USCIS � Every time same answer -- you have to wait, you have to wait No records in the Database. Yesterday when I called, a Lady answered the phone and she said we need to wait 90 more days again as it is like a new Submission and it was a shock for me after hearing that.

    Can any body suggest me what to do in this kind of situation? Is there any body in the same situation?


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  • ozz232
    09-08 10:28 AM
    Thanks a bunch to all.


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  • shimul99
    09-21 03:32 PM
    I�m confused about using the EAD. Someone please clarify me�.

    I already received the EAD for me and my wife. Currently, I�m in the H1b which is expiring on Sep 2008 (6 years are over). My questions are?
    �Can I be in H1b and still work another job as a part-time?
    �If my wife wants to work using her EAD does it have any effect on her h4 status?
    �If my wife loose her job during the use of her EAD what will be her status?
    �I applied my I485 in July 2, 2007. As I already received my EAD, can I be unemployed after 180 days and start a business by myself?
    �I know after receiving the AP I visit any their country. What will be my status after I come back? Still H1b or anything else?

    It will be very much appreciated if some can answer my questions?

    Thanks ahead

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-03 05:38 PM
    his GC is approved, before he leaves the country take an infopass appointment and get I551 stamp on his passport for him to be able to reenter the country. if he will be out of the country for more than 6 months he might need a reentry permit as well.

    the card will come when it will.


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  • ozz232
    09-07 04:38 PM
    I have decided to quit my current Company A.
    My termination date is Sept 15th.
    Am talking to Company B for my H1 transfer.
    Can you please tell me how much time do I have from Sept 15th if the transfer application gets delayed, incase.
    Thank You very much.

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  • raysaikat
    08-22 11:58 PM
    I entered on a H4 on my New Zealand passport and it is valid 2010. I now have a H1B ie a I-797A and a new I-94 that is also valid till 2010. I'm leaving the country for the first time to go to Australia.

    Do I need to get a new visa stamp for my passport?

    If you want to enter US as an H1-B, you will need an H1-B visa stamp on your passport.

    If I need to get a new visa stamp, do I need to go back to New Zealand or can I do it in other countries?

    You can do that from any consulate. However, note that there is a possibility that the IO will need a so-called "security check" which takes 2-3 months (and sometimes, years). In that case, you will be stuck outside US (you cannot get back to US while the security check is pending). So it is advisable to go to a country where you have a place to stay for a long time, if needed. For most people, it is their home country. Also the chances of getting a security check is higher if you go to a consulate other than the consulate in your home country.

    Can I travel with my passport which shows the H4 visa and carry with me my I-797A and new I-94 to re-enter the country?


    You can, but then your status will be H4 and you will not be able to work. The principle is that your status is determined by the latest I-94 you receive. To work on H1-B, your latest I-94 (the one you got it while entering US or as attached with the I-797 form) must be for H1-B (the visa status is written on the I-94).


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  • ferozmd
    09-21 05:10 PM
    Dec 21 2006 - EB2 Regular

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  • nomi
    04-19 08:36 AM
    Looks like lot many ROW eb3 PD between AUG03-AUG04, 42% so far.
    Good news is not many ROW eb3 for AUG03. Date will going to move definately.

    I totally agree with you. I hope date will move fast now since there is not enough people in 2002-2003. I hope this will be same for India and china too. Let`s hope for the best.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-08 07:50 AM
    IV Advocacy Days Blog: Has Just Posted the Following:

    More... (

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  • rangaswamy
    08-29 06:04 PM
    Best bet would be to talk to the Office of International Students in the university.
    go with OPT and then when thats almost over.. then you can switch to EAD.../find alternatives

    NO ssn tax on OPT ... which is a good advantage for you..


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  • bijalrs
    06-24 10:20 AM
    Those who are trying to become a member of any state chapters, please post your requests here. Someone will get in touch with you.


    I am trying to become a member of Maryland State Chapter. I've already emailed my contact details to the owner of google-groups

    Please send me PM or contact me if you need to contact me again.



    06-20 10:55 AM
    Thanks for the quick response. I have already received an email from one of the members and have responded with my contact details.

    03-10 10:39 AM
    we are going through it right now.
    planning to file g-28 only and not AC-21 letter.

    Will wait for a RFE to send a AC-21 letter.
    Are you self filling G-28 or doing through another lawyer?

    Thanks for the info.

    Planning to thru another lawyer - only because I dont know how to do it on my own and dont want to take any chance. Someone earlier mentioned that if we do it on our own - we may not receive any acknowledgement but if we do it thru antoher lawyer they receive some sort of confirmation.

    I am not sure if its true or the logic behind it but thought of going thru a lawyer - he is charging me for both G-28 and AC21 even though AC21 is not done now (which is ok with me).

    If RFE does come at some point - do you know how much time we typically have to reply?

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