Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • Winner
    05-24 09:15 AM
    Just received Card production e-mail for me and wife. Had pretty tough time last few weeks thinking what could have gone wrong as my PD is MAY 15 with everything clear. After waiting a while, 3/4 days ago I had infopass and went to Congressman for help.

    Though we are happy but can feel how tough it is to wait and wait....but I assure you all will get it soon, but take action as your intution says as you KNOW YOUR CASE BETTER THAN OTHERS. So take help if you think there is no question of RFE or delay is longer than ususal. Thank you IV and all members. I will contribute, as many of you did after getting it, and stay in touch with forums for anything I can be of assistance.

    Thanks and BEST WISHES TO ALL..

    Congratulations and thanks for offering to help even after getting your GC.

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  • GCVir
    08-13 11:11 PM
    My son aged out by 31 days (DOB: 03/30/1986) after applying CSPA benefit (I-140 processing period) of one month and hence could not file 485 application (in this July) and hence we are going through lot of hardships in different ways ( showing $27k balance for F1 , maintaining F1 status at very high tuition fees, showing high bank balance for OPT etc...).

    My son is herein USA for the last 8 years from his 13th year studying from his 9th grade to his undergraduate final year. My I-140 was applied/approved in his 19th year - however, due to retrogression, I-485 could not be applied and hence this issue.

    I sincerely feel that - the objective of CSPA was to extend protection to this kind of situations - but could not fulfil the same because of later unexpected retrogression which was not there in employment based categories in 2002 and hence is a kind of technical anomaly. I also feel that if core group puts its heart in to this issue - it could convince the law makers easily since it is more of a humanterian issue and the problem is due to unintended technical anomaly and with practically Nil negative effects even from anti-immigrant view point.

    As a group, age-out cases may not be many - but the suffering by these few is huge - after being in USA for 9 years, these children have to be separated from their families, has to repeat the cycle - continue study at vey high tuition fees, go through OPT / H1B (if in IT and wins H1b Lottery) / labor / I-140 / I-485/EAD/GC).

    I request core group to study the issue in depth - then I am sure they can convince the law makers easily since it is rectification of technical anomaly.

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  • DDash
    05-19 12:31 PM
    Just called all of them and all of the staff were really nice.

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  • zico123
    06-13 08:42 PM
    How much of a chance does she have to have her form I 539 approved now? Any response would be very much appreciated.
    Thank You
    Contact a good immigration attorney immediately. Being out of status is a serious violation and her access to US can be restricted due to this. I doubt very much that her 539 will be approved.


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  • gk_2000
    09-29 05:55 PM
    Doctors are EB2 and EB1.
    They are not EB3

    Even Physical therapists are EB2.

    EB3 are low level/entry level programmers or skilled workers with with undergraduate degree or diploma degree holders that use education evaluation service to prove that their diploma is equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

    Now some of you will say you have masters degree and still are EB3. It does not matter if you have a undergraduate degree from IIT or Harvard and have MBA from Harvard. If your job needs only undergraduate degree your master degrees are useless. You are working in a wrong job and overqualified for your job. You should look for another job that needs your american masters degree. Some will say that their lawyer filed in EB3 even though they qualify for EB2. Now that is also a wrong excuse. If your lawyer and HR screwed you, it is your fault that you could not stand up to them. It is not USCIS fault.

    News: You make no sense. Why don't you get out of here back to your asylum?

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  • shirish
    04-10 08:52 AM
    I did it for my wife and son, but thrugh an attorny, It costed me $375 total,
    including the attorny fees. It is not required unless you leave the US.I had to do it to get an ID for my wife for DL purpose, as H4 approval notice was(I hope it is still) one of the accepted documents as 2nd id in VA.

    Your wife may file for H4 without a lawyer. It costs $250 and I did it once. No issues at all, very simple and straight forward form / procedure.

    Although not necessary to file H4 transfer )as this is not linked to employer directly but rather the H1 holder), it may become important when you leave US for visit home.


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  • NolaIndian32
    09-01 12:18 PM
    Congrats to all those who have received their approvals. Do you get a "Card Production Ordered" email or "Welcome" email or both?

    My attorney got an e-mail, i haven't gotten an e-mail yet. But i checked my online case status, which says card production ordered, should have card in 30 days time. My atty said that they are having some trouble right now with card production, so maybe that is why it says 30 days instead of 10 business days as it did in the past.

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  • kevin08
    04-08 10:56 PM
    Waiting is all we have been doing for so many years. I have been living separately from my wife for last 3 years. When I reached out to Pappu on IV, he refused to do anything for me. I am ready to come forward and talk to media but nobody is here to listen.

    I am seriously considering some media awakening event these days, it might be suicide or whatever it takes but this DOS stupidity has to stop. Its affecting so many people's life. I agree GC is not a right that we can demand from US government but they can't treat us like this after investing so many productive years for this Economy.

    buddy...your quote kinda worries me. I can understand what you have gone through but always remember there are good things to life beyond worrying about this GC mess, following visa bulletins, and subsequent frustration/high bp/heart attack.

    I do what I can to educate the people around me about this legal immigration limbo and whatever within my control. I suggest you chill and use your energy positively to benefit yourself.

    Spring is here and I am going fishing this weekend, wanna come along?


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  • roseball
    05-02 03:08 PM
    One other option you can pursue is to just go out of the country (Canada/Mexico) immediately after quiting your job and get H4 stamping and come back on H4....I would advise to talk to a lawyer regarding the first option.....Good luck with your MBA...

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  • susie
    08-20 11:36 PM
    my name was not interview with my family.
    my family gave interview and embassy asked for original I140 and I824 approval notices to check my eligibility.

    i submitted and now after 2 weaks got the follwing reply:

    In your case , the I-140 was filed on sept 10, 2001 and approved on october 08, 2003. The visa became available on october 08, 2003 . Form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa became available. <my name> was born on January 03, 1986. because he (me) is above 21 years old an immigrant visa as a derivative beneficiary of Employment third prefrence (e3) immigrant visa category cannot be inssued to <my name>. In order to qualify for a visa, he (me) would need to benifit from CSPA. Since form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa becoming available on October 08, 2003.
    <my name> cannot be processed under CSPA.

    SO plz help me with right advice and solution so that i can travel with my family.
    my mom and bro got te visa and it will expire in 6 monts and i want to go with them, can i be able to get visa in any case before their visa expire?

    i badly need help.


    Seems your only option is to sue. There are acoup,le of cpsa cases that even though they did not file within one year of visa approval because the alien sought legal advise, the benefit was granted

    This cspa is sooooooooooo badly written and must be amended, still waiting on my cspa court case !

    The other side has agreed with 90% of my case so just have to supply the other 10% proof


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  • gc4me
    05-09 03:04 PM
    I guess it is not going to move any further.
    There are more than enough applications waiting to be approved than the visa number available for ROW this year. It will move backwards to 2004 date in October when visa number for 2009 will be available.

    Remember, PERM started in March of 2005, and there are floods of LCs with PD > March' 2005. It will take 2/3 years before it can move beyond 2005.

    Does anyone can predict what will be the cut-off date for EB-3 ROW during the months July to September ? Will it proceed, stop moving or even it could be retrogressed ? what will be the OCT 2008 cut-off date ?

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  • hellomms
    05-27 05:58 PM

    Thanks for your input, its helpful and what we want. The letter is going to be from us so we can definitely have it reviewed.

    Feel free to take a stab at the letter, again, this is not an individual letter, so the more people contribute the better it is (Meanwhile, avoiding too many cooks :D)


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  • vrbest
    03-11 09:12 AM
    Since you dont have visa stamped on passport, H1B approval copy notarized would help. You should be fine entering both addresses and I have seen both addresses on my Passport on renewal.

    vrbest and Saro,
    Thanks for the information. In online application, there is a column for address to be printed in passport. There is a column for other address. I am planning to give India permanent address in the first column. Hopefully they will put that into the passport. Passport is the only address proof for me in India.

    My L1 visa is expired on October, 2008. My company moved me to H1 and i am yet to go for stamping on H1.

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  • yawl
    07-11 09:56 PM
    "It has also come to my attention that USCIS began returning visa numbers to the State Department as early as Thursday, July 5, 2007, due to their inability to review applications effectively."


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  • styrum
    04-18 03:17 PM
    My last one filed on April 2. In "Process". Whether filed onlined or mailed, PERM is processed by DOL federal centers in Atlanta and Chicago, as far as I remember (mine went to Atlanta -the number starts with "A). Why is the guy talking about particular state? Only PWD is acquired from the "state workforce agency"( the actual names differ between states).

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  • anil_vp
    01-24 10:33 PM
    My company is applying my GC in EB2 Category.My attorney has suggested me to get the experience letters in new format (includes job description,duties etc....).
    I have experience letters from Indian employers in different formats.I am finding it difficult to get the letters in new format from them.
    Can anybody tell me how can this can be manage by attorney or any suggestion?


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  • jonty_11
    06-14 03:04 PM
    GC is moving target, looks like some drunkard wakes up one fine morning and randomly moves the priority date value/importance. I know those in such situation may be relatively less in number but I know many who are and repurcussions for this look horrible for people who have not made past this luck test. I was one of the unlucky ones :(. good luck to guys who have moved forward hope you still help rest of us still stuck.
    given waht everyone has gone thru over these years..and continues to endure... I will continue to support IV and its goals.

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  • learning01
    02-01 07:18 PM
    Yes, that is the link. Thanks. We will see its context and wherer this Senate Amendment (SA) is attached. People dig it.
    TEXT OF AMENDMENTS -- (Senate - January 24, 2007), no idea what it means th

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  • trramesh
    09-02 02:27 PM

    Yesterday, it was our turn too to get the approval notice. It was a long wait like many of you. Checking into IV forums has helped me cope up with the delay. It is more than 8 years since entering US, 6 years since signing up with employer for GC, and five years since filing for labor. BEC and 485 were the biggest unpredictables in the journey. There were times when I thought if it was all that worth. Anyway, now we have completed this arduous journey (being an Indian).

    As a token of appreciation for IV and good will for my fellow countrymen continuing the journey, I am also making a contribution of $100/-. I saw someone already made such comment here. Needless to say, my contribution is along the way.

    Good luck to all in waiting.

    PD - Oct 29, 04
    I485 - RD - July 26, 07
    I485 - AD - Sep 01, 09

    05-15 12:37 PM
    If the certificate doesn't have your name, how will they know it's your birth certificate? :confused:

    I don't think birth certificate without your name is acceptable by USCIS

    Usually they give saying baby girl was born to the following parents on this date at this place. because at the time of birth the baby may not be named.

    05-01 11:18 PM
    On what basis does DOL pick a company for audit?

    I think there is not really any basis for audit unless there is a big mistake in the filing.

    I filed through a MNC which is a automotive company.

    The other rumor I heard that DOL hired lots of new people and audit process was part of their training. Do not question me how far it is true..

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