Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • let007live4ever
    06-22 10:01 AM
    Can scanned copy be submitted to USCIS for affidavit of birth or we have to submit the affidavit in original?


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  • Project_A
    11-15 04:36 PM
    Looks like the demand data does not include the backlog at NVC. How does it work? I am not familiar with the process. Any ideas...?

    Please see my earlier posting:
    Here is the latest snapshot of the backlog of EB applications:
    EB1= 7,595 + 2,961 ( at NVC) + new applications.
    EB2= 45,573 + 6,738 ( at NVC) + Huge backlog waiting in line.
    EB3= 114,442 + 102,395 ( at NVC) + unknown backlog waiting in line.
    *NVC stands for National Visa Center.
    ** Does not include service centers.

    * Spillover to EB3 may not happen for several years due to a large number of EB2's waiting to submit their 485 applications.
    * Even if spillover occurs, majority of them will go to EB3 Philippines (please See the NVC backlog).
    * From the above, assuming no spillover to EB3-I, it would take (56,640 + 20,873)/2600=30 years.
    * With spillover (lets say after 5++ years due to the pending EB2�s), it may take another 5 to 7 years to clear the EB3 backlog.

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  • anishNewbie
    09-04 06:32 PM
    Below are the 2 listed jobs.. I am currently working as 15-1051.00 Computer Systems Analysts for XXX comp... I have been working for more than 3 years.. They are planning to file my GC soon..

    I know for a fact that you cannot count current employer exp for GC. If i start working for the same employer on 15-1031.00 Computer Software Engineers, Applications , is it more than 50% different in role so i can count my 3 years experience when applying my GC ??

    Also do i have to file a new H1 for this 15-1031.00 Computer Software Engineers, Applications job from same employer ??

    All Attorney/ Senior memeber.. please guide me on this..

    15-1051.00 Computer Systems Analysts
    Analyze science, engineering, business, and all other data processing problems for application to electronic data processing systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing systems and review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. May analyze or recommend commercially available software. May supervise computer programmers.

    15-1031.00 Computer Software Engineers, Applications
    Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Analyze user needs and develop software solutions. Design software or customize software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. May analyze and design databases within an application area, working individually or coordinating database development as part of a team.

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  • bestin
    06-23 09:57 PM
    Thats awesome.Great job alterego.I wish there are more members from SW Michigan.Since most of the new interest group have not mentioned their phone number,i am also not sure where they are from.

    Almost 90% of our current members are in East Michigan.

    BTB,pls check your email.


    I recently discussed this issue with a couple of people in southwest Michigan, in jobs and contract positions with Whirlpool corporation. I am not sure if that is where the interest is coming from, but it is quite possible. They are new blood and did not even know this organization existed and that it was instrumental in last years VB reversal. I offered to meet with a larger group of them and give a talk but asked one specific senior employee there to network and find out the potential interest of potential members. I shared with him the link to this website. I was told there are up to 50 members in various stages. Not sure how many would be interested, but....there is a pool we can tap into in one location.
    There are a number of foreign nationals of many countries that work here too who are in the EB queue. Hopefully this can give a new impetus.


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  • sukhwinderd
    09-19 07:22 PM
    if i use EAD for a part time job, does the H1B visa status become invalid?

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  • venky321
    01-26 08:29 PM

    It is partly my fault as I should have noticed when I started a new project in end August in South Carolina.

    But now looking at my W2 it shows that my employer has been filing taxes in my previous state Missouri for the entire year. How should I go about correcting this? I was in Missouri for 5 months and in South Carolina for the remainder. In which state should I file my tax too?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated


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  • arnet
    12-20 05:52 PM

    " 03143688521"

    to counter: (same article in 3 places) 03143688521

    ...appreciate it

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  • asiulek
    09-12 07:33 PM
    I did work on J1 part time 19 hours a week on campus while I was a student but I did not mention it.
    It's not a problem if you don't mention it cuz you can always explain that it was not professional. BUt again it all depends on your IO.
    I had a F/T job 2 years ago and I did not mention it on G325 cuz I did not get W2 for that. Maybe I should have. Oh well I have an interview in less than a month we will see what will happen...


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  • gccovet
    10-07 01:47 PM
    H-1B Certification (

    Upon DOL certification, the employer files the USCIS Form I-129 (, the required filing fee, and other supporting documentation (including the approved LCA) to USCIS. Unless specifically exempt under the law, the employer must pay USCIS filing fees.

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

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  • ztopia
    03-31 02:32 PM
    123 & others,

    If u guys transferred over ur H-1, did u wait until u got the actual USCIS receipt (for the H1 transfer) before u started working at the new company?


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  • prem_goel
    11-02 10:25 AM
    Here's my situation. I have an approved I-140 (EB2), my I-485 has been pending for more than an year. Due to recent lay-offs, I will have to change my employer through an H-1B transfer. My wife was on H-4. However, just this year she got an H-1B approval with consular processing since when we applied for her H-1b this year, she was not in US.

    Now 2 weeks back, her employer applied for her COS through regular processing. I assume this takes about 3-4 months.

    My question is - now that I am doing my H-1B transfer to another employer, do I have to worry about my wife's H-4 extension as well, or just leave that as it is, as her application for COS to H-1B is pending with USCIS.

    Please advise.

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  • seaken75
    10-04 03:37 PM
    Hi all IV gurus,

    My wife and I filed our I-485, EAD and AP on July 12th and the package arrived in NSC on July 13th. We have received all receipts and finished our FP about 10 days ago. I checked the online status and there are NO LUDs on any of our applications. All of them still show the ND of August 15th. I am EB3 ROW with PD Jan07. My I-140 is still pending at NSC.

    My wife is currently on H-4 and she would like to work. Is she able to apply for a temporary EAD on October 15th, since it will already be 90 days since RD? If yes, how do we go about doing that?

    Your experience and advice are very much appreciated!



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  • swadeshi
    07-27 12:25 AM
    Can you please post the link for the original thread?


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  • rodnyb
    02-03 03:41 PM
    Visa bulletin and their number control operational manual
    Visa Bulletin (

    DHS year book
    DHS | Yearbook of Immigration Statistics (

    485 pending number

    NVC demand

    Precessing volume and trend
    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends (

    Monthly cutoff memo

    I am missing a 2009 EB number used by country, I saw it some where but couldn't find it


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-07 11:20 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    The Barack Obama Administration recently announced that border guards at United States Ports of Entry (POE) will begin screening aliens arriving from certain countries based on specific information about threats to the USA. The immigration attorneys at Los Angeles' Fong & Chun immigration law firm are advocates for national security balanced against sensible protections for civil rights. We hope this change will reduce the number of unwarranted, unreasonable, and (usually) unfriendly challenges to certain arriving visitors.

    Since the New York terrorist attack in September 2001, the USA has maintained a list of approximately fourteen countries (the so-called "group of fourteen") which are considered to encourage state-sponsored terrorism, or which are believed to provide assistance to terrorists. The US would not even officially name the specific countries, or confirm the exact number of countries, on the list. All citizens of one of these countries -- of any gender, any age, any social class, any educational level, for any reason -- would be subjected to additional interrogation by US Border Guards.

    The newly-announced change sets up a system which uses intelligence information and threat assessment -- about specific persons, specific targets, and specific descriptions, to identify passengers who might have a link to terrorism. Quite properly, those persons would be subjected to additional scrutiny. Others who do not meet the more reasoned threat profiles would be allowed to enter the USA in the way of other visitors.

    For example: most people in the know would say that the Islamic Republic of Iran was part of the group of fourteen. All citizens from Iran -- absolutely all -- would be pulled aside and interrogated at POEs. Under the new system, if the US has specific information about a 26-year old male Iranian student, or an Iranian woman with a certain name, or even someone with a partial passport number, then persons meeting those descriptions will be pulled aside. This allows border guards to focus their efforts on persons about whom the USA has specific threat-related information. --jcf

    More... (

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  • rbashir
    02-16 10:54 AM
    If the labor cert has been filed, approved and the I-140 has been filed, I think you can file for an extension of the H1-b. I was advised the same by my attorney, but by the time we filed for the extention, my I-140 was also approved (rather quickly).

    You should contact your immigration attorney right away.

    But what about extension based on appeal


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  • kirupa
    04-16 09:30 PM
    It's a bit inflammatory AND the quality of the text and the purple gradient background suffers :)

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  • gcpool
    09-13 01:10 PM
    If we do premium process, does this increase the change of rejection?

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  • WaitingUnlimited
    08-25 02:50 AM

    I have my I140 approved couple of years ago and now our company is being acquired by another firm. As a result I may lose my job. I am on 5th year of H1 and have I140 copy.

    I got an offer with a project from a top consulting firm who is willing to transfer my H1 and also carry forward GC.

    However I am concerned, as that consulting firm has the history of cancelling the H1 once they could not find any new projects after the current project. But in current market scenario, I could find any other opportunity and it may be necessary to join that firm.

    So lets say after one/two years, if I lose my job with that firm and want to carry forward my H1/GC with other company, will it be possible?

    What should I ask the firm now (terms and conditions, before start working with them) to make my self in safe position later on?

    Thanks for your advice.


    09-27 03:51 PM
    I am fine with abandoning the current H1-B extension process. My question is if there will be any problems leaving the country on an expired I-94 even though I am still technically in status.

    My concern is that I will have problems if I apply for a tourist visa or H1-B visa in the future.

    11-12 08:42 AM
    i took my passport pics from walgreen....i told them passport size photos...i got my renewed passport without any problem.

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