Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fertilization In Humans

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  • ghost
    01-07 12:50 PM
    He is from CA...not sure where this came from...looks like political posturing but good to know someone trying to address EB backlogs...I'm sure that IV leadership is aware of this development - thanks for sharing!

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  • andvaca
    03-21 11:36 AM

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  • illusions
    04-11 10:09 AM
    Yeah, I saw that. The dates will keep moving and I bet you will be current in the June bulletin.

    i got my fingers crossed, not to mention my toes too lol.

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  • amitjoey
    01-17 05:15 PM
    welcome back !! I was wondering where are you , all my campaign management buddies. :) :)

    Thanks Anurakt for the warm welcome. Yes lets get into action.


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  • form the fertilized egg or

  • amitjoey
    06-13 02:05 PM
    So am I..
    I thought to send message once we meet 14,000..

    But thing is how many are active and wants do something out of 14,000.


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  • Fertilization v. SCNT

  • illusions
    04-08 05:18 PM
    There are lot of support and response for this thread and can Core IV team consider this to be included in their Phase 2 campaign?. It will be an added feature for our to be legal immigrant community. ^^ Bump^^

    IMHO this would be great. i know i will be here supporting IV even after i get my GC. The truth of the matter is most users disappear as soon as they get their GC and stop supporting the greater cause (correct me if i'm wrong) of getting one's citizenship. I'm pretty sure we will probably see more users joining in to support this phase.

    Then there are also the ones, that have the mindset that since getting the GC most of the weight is lifted off ones shoulders, and one can do pretty much (not all of course) anything that a citizen can. So the waiting for 5 years is not a burden to most. I'm not too sure if this is the case with everybody, but some that i know feel that way....


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  • akred
    04-14 12:56 AM
    Old thread on the same subject.

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  • gcpadmavyuh
    09-21 03:08 PM
    Ann Ruben of "Steel, Rudnick and Ruben" Law firm.
    She was very sweet, she said 'I'm tired of telling my clients that all you can do is wait.' Now she can tell them, you can do something about it. You have IV.
    What is her name.


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  • smisachu
    08-03 03:06 PM
    People who are getting approved. Please post your notice received dates. It will help estimate if the USCIS is going by RD. Pappu says they are following FIFO but they are approving Feb and jan 2006 cases while 2005 PD is still waiting. Maybe they are going by RD FIFO. If we know the dates of people getting approved it will help.

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 12:35 PM
    There is no point in dignifying "plainspeak"'s hatred and abuses with a response since wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him would only cause more harm. He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community. Being a "senior" member in name only doesn't count. Bringing down the efforts of your own EB community is worse than being an anti- immigrant.
    Wow forever_waiting you have really cleared up the mystery for me

    Till now i was under and impression that all EB2 on this forum were just selfish people (which can be understood as a basic human nature sad but understood nevertheless) and i was always under an impresssion that IV Core had got their heart in the right place and are genuinly interested in resolving this issue but from your statements some things are made clear

    He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community.

    Are you serious.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Is that the best you could come up with in defence of yiour argument

    You know what I dont even know how to send a IM to anyone on this forum. All i know is to read posts and reply to post and create new posts. Wow this takes the cake. Now things makes sense.

    I did not send im to anyone but since forever_waiting says i did there could be only 3 explanations

    1. forever_waiting cannot hold a discussion and is losing a disucssion and is abusing me and lying to everyone else that i sent him abusive messages. This could be because he has to lie to prove himself better than me and show me in bad light.

    2. Some one else this forum has sent abusive messages to forever_waiting to use him as a cats paw against me without divulging their own motives to discredit me.
    A. Could it be someone else on the forum who does not like my arguments and wants to diss me. But if that would be the case that person would abuse me directly in reply to my posts and IM me directly because if someone is genuinly angry with someone else that person will say it out in the open but will NOT try to do something behind the back

    B. Could it be some one who is in a position of authority in IV and cannot argue with me face to face cause that will show their opinion in the open forum to everyone and is using forever_waiting without him knowing about it or is in collusion with forever_waiting and playing this game

    Hmmm the plot thickens ..................

    My friend forever_waiting even after seeing your latest message saying wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him i am not angry and do you know why. That is the advantage of age and maturity.

    U know what i think... My last message to you was sent today morning but now must be when you saw it the first time and knowing you i am sure you could not control your anger and stated what ever you stated. No harm my friend, it is better to lose and argument as long as you pick up something beneficial from it.

    And by the way i might be senior member because of the number of post i made (isn't that how it works) but i am still a junior member nay i am not even a member when i compare my contributions to the contributions made by donating, activly working members like yourselves

    As is stated before i respect you and all the other participants in IV who are volunetering and donating and taking part in advocacy


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  • In humans the process involves

  • Lalitha
    04-10 05:39 PM
    thnks for the reply. one more question. i do have my b1 visa valid for 10 years. can i go to india and come back using b1 visa? will that also not affect the h1?

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  • roseball
    02-01 10:05 PM
    02/01/2007 21/30 p.m.: Senate Passed Immigration Reform Bill Today

    The Senate passed today Fair Minimum Wage Act, H.R. 2 today. The House passed this bill, H.R. 2 and the Senate debated the bill for the past several days. In the process, hundreds of amendments had been introduced on the Senate floor. The Senate floor then agreed to a lot of these amendments. One of these amendments which the Senate had agreed to and passed as Division B of the H.R. 2 is the Immigration Reform bill.
    The immigration reform bill was introduced by Senator John Kerry and agreed to by the floor unanimously. The immigration reform bill that the Senate passed today covers a lot of the provisions which were part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 which the Senate passed last year and failed in the House.
    We will analyze the bill and report it step by step for the next several days. Please stay tuned to this website.


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  • chanduv23
    02-16 07:58 PM
    I have booked my tickets. I will fly in to DC by Saturday noon and fly out Monday evening. I got greened last year and I owe a lot to team IV and its members. I used to be very active on IV and always a good friend to Pappu, Aman, Jay and all other IV members.
    I have done lawmaker meetings twice in the past and would like to share my experiences with you all and also help with talking points etc... based on experience.

    I appeal all IV members to take advocacy seriously. Changes come only through persistent efforts and thats exactly what IV is doing. Most IV core team members already have green cards or are citizens and they don't need to do all this, but they are doing it because they believe that persistent, sincere, honest efforts would definitely reap benefits.

    Please contact your friends, relatives and co workers. Conduct local meetings, explain to them about IV and what it is doing. As IV members are well informed and understand the situation - especially EB3 folks, ignoring such events and not doing anything active is not an option.

    Why is the advocacy day so important? This is politics 101. One can be a great doctor, great engineer, great scientist and anything, but at the end of the day, we need to understand the dynamics of things and how things happens and do things accordingly. We are all great achievers primarily - we went to good schools, worked hard, got good jobs, able to migrate to the US and have excellent leadership qualities, we have good friends, nice families, great kids and cannot complain about life in general. But getting delayed on GC is very frustrating and if we do not understand what this is all about and what it takes to find a solution, then we are just missing that essential thing in life which is "what we would need to do to change things that helps us all". Reducing GC backlog and streamlining process is a win win situation to all and such message needs to be conveyed in an appropriate way. It is our issue and we need to take it up and not expect things will fall in place automatically.

    These days I see so many campaigns on facebook, twitter, etc... and the world is not like before. Public voice and opinions are being taken very seriously and if we do not live up to the times, then we basically lose big time.

    Do we want to lose it? I am sure we want to win.
    Can we all unite and help ourselves? I am sure we will.
    Can we all come forward? I am sure we will.

    Folks - we are all creative in different ways. Lets do what we can to further our cause. I wish a lot of people change their minds after reading my message.

    I will keep posting inspiring messages when I get a chance.

    Good luck to IV members.

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  • thomachan72
    04-09 08:24 AM
    one another suggestion I have to make is this:
    We need to get Indian/Chinese community (citizens) involved to fight for us.
    We need to have some of them as leaders in the IV. (they could be people who have struggled with the EB process and identify with us) they could be highly successful Indian/chinese or other countries businessmen/scientists/media personal etc etc (if possible)

    Remember the strength of the ilegal community is that their legal brothers and sisters dont hate them but always stand with them.

    We somehow ( I have no clue how) need to get this to happen. Also each one of us who are currently here should make a pledge that "Even if my card is printed, I will continue to use the extra freedom that I got to always stand up and fight for my brothers and sisters who are struggling with this system".


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  • paulcao1978
    01-17 04:37 PM
    Signed up for $20 per month a minute ago. Is it possible that IV updates contributing members periodically on legislative progress?

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  • vitro fertilization (which

  • gcForV
    07-23 04:35 PM
    My Co worker a Canadian citizen was applying for GC under EB2.
    Our company's lawyer screwed up and applied his labor under EB4.
    This is big big big problem as his TN visa from canada cannot be renewed as its given on a non-immigration intent and he cannot apply for green card this next month as he has to restart the whole process(labor) again.
    Can he apply for PERM using the old advertisement?
    What are his options?
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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  • worriedsoul
    05-22 10:05 AM
    Hi shank123 and usirit

    What I mean by signatures is, I don't know should I say (digital signature) , anything that has to be done before sending a letter that snathan is working on getting from Mr.Gotcher. When Mr.Gotcher drafted it for us, we have to get as many people as we could who are in the same situation and write their name (or do something) on that letter... right ?
    Sending something to Audit Review Officers is also an idea. However, what are we going to send them (may be reminder cards :P) and how. I guess we are a very small group of people compared to those who were affected by 485 cases and it's much more difficult to get attention from both candidates and DOL.

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  • Imigrait
    09-01 08:01 PM
    Congratulations to everyone who got their GCs!

    To people who are still waiting.......... hmmm........ Patience with a smile :). There's a long weekend coming in 3 days!! oh well .....

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  • suriajay12
    04-09 08:45 AM
    Nobody is saying you to push alone. You can start working collectively under IV's umbrella. So before you start cribbing here research/read what others have been doing. Become part of IV. Start contributing time and money to IV for your own GC.

    If you read my any previous posts and to repeat, there will be no issue to contribute from me or most of us here. We need an action item. Anyone with minimum common knowledge here sees there is no change in dates for the last 6 months, or even last few years. You seem to be a strong supporter of contributions, can you list one action item which we planned to take up in the last or in near future that addresses our concerns of backlogs. Now dont come back and tell me or send me a picture of July 07 campaign or your 12th grade or 10th grade marksheet. We need to be doing things of our interest EVERY single day. I do my job very good.. I know.. but I have to keep doing it everyday if I have to keep it. Similarly unless you put continuous efforts, you wont get continuous results.
    If you want a reply to your post from me again, come back with an action item that you see as planned.

    03-24 12:05 AM
    Thank you, Ashok and PMPForGC!!!

    We need more guys like you. Also please contribute as much as can in cash and kind!

    We have 9807 members now. That is less than 200 members short of the magic number!

    Now that we have the STRIVE Act introduced in congress, we need all the numbers we can. And we need dollars more than ever!

    It is now or never, do or die.

    Please help add members and contribute.

    Together we can!

    03-18 03:33 PM
    those charts are really good, seems like ROW EB3 is on the rise, looking fwd to this upward trend.

    thank Googler for that. he posted it in another board.

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