Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • sayantan76
    04-10 09:26 PM
    You are right. But many people came here at the middle of their carrier and they are struck here with their children education etc., They are bound to be here and there is no way. Further, in my country, there are still reservation policies in everything, which may prevent the kids in going in for the education line they like. I donot want to explain this more as I may be degrading my own mother country. In a nutshell, everyone who wish to be a citizen of this country will have lot of valid reasons for getting a citizenship in this country.
    isn't the effect of reservation the same as the effect of affirmative action?

    If your kid gets high scores in SAT but does not get into an ivy league college because your ethnicity is over-represented - but some other kid with much lower scores gets in (and its not a hypothetical scenario - happens every admission season and i sincerely hope does not happen to your loved ones).....where does that leave your logic??

    i see your point that people do have their own reasons for desiring US citizenships - but sometimes its also important to take a step back and see what one is giving up!

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  • Macaca
    09-20 09:18 PM
    N e e d H e l p!

    N e e d H e l p!

    N e e d H e l p!

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-10 04:11 PM
    While other quota may be full, Team IV Membership Quota is still open. C'mon IV-ians, we are counting on your support to help IV's long term lobbying efforts.

    Why not support Team IV, support lobbying efforts while at the same time get fit, lead a healthy lifestyle, take advanatge of professional personal trainer advice for FREE.

    My challenge for all IVians: Lets get 10 more member to sign up with Team IV by the end of this weekend.

    The 20th Member will get a $20 reimbursement from me personally toward the registration fee of either the Washington DC or the Houston events!! Now how can you pass that up.

    I know IVians love challenges, who is up for this one?:)

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  • nojoke
    01-22 09:41 PM
    Slumdog...I totally agree with your view point and in fact share the same. I believe you cannot put your life on hold waiting for GC or something unpredictable. I also agree with you that buying a house is a life style decision. You can live ur life hoarding cash living cheaply or you can live your life well. Also each has its advantages and its a personal choice.

    Also on another note I have become a fan of your blogs. I encourage you to write more and I am sure there are other people like me.

    That is a cheap shot.
    Let me try - Or beg the bank to lower your mortgage.


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  • shreekarthik
    06-16 08:48 PM
    CIR bill is only supported by a few US citizenry groups. Even those Hispanics who are here legally do not support it. Let's face it. If it weren't for the provisions helping EB based PR applicants, even IV wouldn't support it. Given all this, I highly doubt if Dems will gain if CIR passes. I certainly can feel the general US public against CIR. And I live in Portland, Or, supposedly one of the best liberal states in USA. Best case scenario for this bill could be a pass, at the end of the year after elections provided all it's supporters get elected.

    Remember even Mr. Bush said he wanted a immi. bill by the end of the year (wink wink)

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  • neoneo
    06-28 02:42 AM
    Please include your law firm with any info regarding 485 filings.


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  • sroyc
    09-25 06:19 PM
    I don't know if there was a memo. I think AILA communicated this to the lawyers and I read it on Ron Gotcher's forum.

    Apparently, the re-interpretation of laws were based on the changes in AC21, something they were ignoring till 2008.

    Thanks. I also do not want to drag us into that direction. Just for the sake of my satisfaction, may I ask to you or anybody here to put any link/doc for any memo or other USCIS doc which states this?

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  • legal_la
    06-07 11:39 PM
    thanks sai for the link. I was waiting for NPR to say something about the conference commitee. Looks like, by what Cornyn said it may take few more days before they even form a commitee.


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  • abhijitp
    06-29 01:46 PM
    my company lawyer responded to my similar question saying they too fear the mid month retrogression, and will try to file ASAP. However, the explanation offered in other posts in this thread (notably, logiclife and shantak) does sound compelling. as someone said, file asap if you can. if you cannot, do not worry, as 1. it won't help and in 2. my humble opinion, shutting the door for ALL within the first month of opening the door for ALL, will be a shame, and will set a very bad precedent, so most likely they will wait at least until end of July before the shut the doors.

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  • amitjoey
    12-21 11:26 AM
    Hi IV members!

    I know many of us have been toying with ideas to increase membership. I wanted to start a separate thread just to highlight the following idea - Every member bring one additional member to IV.

    Specifically, these are the bullet points I suggest:

    1. By December 31, each of you bring one member to IV.
    If you really think about it, it is not a difficult task. Every one of us knows atleast one person stuck in GC process, that is talking conservatively. It takes less than 15 minutes to call one person and explain IVs efforts and request his/her support.

    2. By January 15, each of us take responsibility to get the member we brought to IV to contribute to the cause. And I am not suggesting any particular amount.

    3. Each of take responsibility in having them update their information on IV website, so that when the need arises, they can be contacted (for sending webfaxes etc. like last week).

    Also, whenever you bring someone to IV, please post on this thread (it will encourage others). I feel this approach will work, if we keep this thread alive, and try to stick to the time deadline (deadlines might not have worked before, because they were too long term).

    Also, please keep this thread on track, without any other discussions.

    So IV'ers, lets add ONE member, and get ONE contribution!!!!

    Thank you.
    You can also use the tool
    to invite your friends

    If you have not helped bring atleast one member to this forum, stop. Make that call right now, help a friend register, explain and make them aware.
    This is the homework before the holidays.


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  • santb1975
    04-17 12:51 AM
    Yes we can

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  • goel_ar
    04-08 05:49 PM
    Also, lot of EB1 guys working through consulting companies - negotiate there Green Card to be filed as EB1 before joining them.
    And Consulting companies can show anything they want..any hierarchy/structure etc.
    On the other hand, actual PHD does have lot of knowledge , publishing paper is daunting task which needs lot of research and originality.


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  • newuser
    05-14 08:31 PM
    Finally...I just got an e-mail notification that my 485 application was approved. It has been 11 year long journey.

    I was a donor member for 2.5 yrs, was a member of advocacy day for the last two years. Thanks to IV for all the help especially during the last year EAD expedite process. Good luck to everyone.

    NO SR, NO INFOPASS...just waited patiently.

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  • LOL123
    08-13 10:18 AM
    Finally I got the email for Renewal EAD card production ordered.
    I e-filed on June 11th. Did the finger printing on July 11th. card production prdered on Aug 12th. Still waiting for the card. will update with the validity of the period once i have it in hand.
    Just wanted to share the time lines.


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  • masterji
    08-03 04:36 PM
    My receipt date is July 2, 2007
    My notice date is August 10, 2007
    Good luck to all!

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  • mheggade
    10-08 11:56 AM
    Till early part of 2004 or latter part of 2003, most of the Indians applied EB3 very few applied EB2. After 2004, it was reverse. I doubt any one appled EB3 in 2005 0r 2006.

    If EB3 stays continously in 2001 and EB2 in 2004 (there is 3 year difference in cutoff date between EB2 and EB3 now), the guys with EB3 PD 2002 and 2003 will convert to EB2 by applying new 140 to transfer PD. This flow will balance the cut-off dates. Eventually it will reach a common ground or a break-even point.

    I doubt that people try to change from EB3 to EB2 , given the fact that they need get I140 approval which is taking more than 14 months and USCIS announced recently that, they are not bringing back I140 PP in the near future.


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  • senthilvs
    10-31 12:06 PM
    I have sent my Passport for renewal to CGI Houston, TX. I have shipped it via FEDEX on Oct 19 and it reached CGI Houston on Oct 21. It was signed by some one by name Kohli.

    In the Site its mentioned, the renewal will take 7 business days. Based on this thread, I see that it might take around 3 weeks time

    Can anyone tell me, Whether CGI houston communicates to us once the passport is dispatched? Will they give FEDEX / USPS tracking number to track? I want to make sure that some one will be at home to collect it.

    Thanks in advance
    You can either call them or go in person. Customer service can give you information on the status. But its hard to get them on the phone, keep trying, don't hang up the phone, but keep pressing 0.
    I called 713-626-2148 and pressed 1 then 9 and when it asked for voice mail or operator I pressed 0 for operator.
    But nothing to will get it soon. Its took about a month for me, because of the Hurricane Ike. But you should be ok.

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  • dskhabra
    05-17 12:06 PM
    You should get EAD once 485 is filed even if PD is not current.

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-16 02:36 PM
    Guys you must not forget IV that helped you in your green card journey. Pleaz contribute to IV

    06-04 09:34 AM

    We paper filed thru about company attorney in May 1st week from Texas. Till now no receipt received.
    Is there any way I can call USCIS to check status without receipt number in hand? Can they track it via SSN or alien no?

    Pl. let me know.

    01-10 06:00 PM
    I got my US Masters degree in Engineering in 2002 and I was obviously concerned that I would be left out if this is limited to people getting degrees in last 5 years. I read the text and here is the crucial part for people like me:
    "(ii)(I) obtained such degree within the United States during the 5-year period preceding the date on which the petition filed under section 204(a)(1)(F) for classification under this subparagraph is filed; or
    (II) has resided continuously in the United States in a lawful nonimmigrant status since obtaining such degree; and"

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