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  • legal_la
    07-11 06:25 PM
    After reading the post on this thread, I am sure I must have fumbled something.:confused: Please read and advice

    1. My wife came here (USA) on H4 visa in Dec 2005, got 1 year.
    2. Applied for H1b in May 2006
    3. Applied for H4 visa renewal in June 2006
    4. H1B got approved Sept 25th
    5. H4 got approved Oct 21th 06
    6. Applied for SSN Jan 1st 2007.
    7. Since SSN#, she is working

    Is there any gotcha or issues that we might have created in between?

    Is it a good idea to get H1b stamped from Canada?

    you may want consult good lawyer, as far as I know if H4 gets approved after your H1b approval you will loose your H1b and your back on H4. I don't want to scare you but want to make you aware of the situation, don't even think of going for visa stamping before you find out all the details. Just call some good lawyer they should have answer to these situations.

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  • EndlessWait
    05-01 02:11 PM
    i know some ppl who have done a variant of what you asked..

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  • senthil1
    07-19 07:25 PM
    Actually when a person whose PD is current but his FP is not cleared and another person whose Who is having later PD but his FP is cleared then he will get GC(if his PD is within cut off date)

    Mainly EB2 candidates will suffer a lot if their application is struck in BEC. People who are having PD of 2005 and 2006 will get GC but those who filed in 2003 are earlier wait a few more years to get GC. This is happening for past 10 years. RIR and Non RIR processing was there beween 1997 to 2002. When any new processing is introduced those who started older process always suffer. I do not know any best solution for those cases. Also it is not possible to reform everything at the same time.


    let me try to answer your question the best I can. Answers in order:

    For all purposes: lets assume 2 examples. Person A PD July 2006 and RD of July2, 2007 and Person B PD April 2006 and RD of July 2, 2007.

    1. AOS is processed by a "combination" of RD and PD. As per the current Bulletin BOTH A and B can apply. The Service centres are currently processing September 2006 applications. When they reach July 2, 2007 processing dates, both applications will be picked up and then "thoeretically" they should ask for Visa number for A BEFORE asking a visa number for B as A has an earlier PD.
    2. Answered in same question 1 above.
    3. If Harry's case gets approved in August 2007 by BEC he WILL NOT be able to apply for I-485 as the July Bulleting is valid only for applicants VALID in july. Just beacuse they are accepting till AUg 17, does not mean people whose LC got approved between Aug 1-17 can apply, becuase they were technically NOT eligible to apply in July.

    Does that answer your questions. PM me if you want more detail.

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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 03:36 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply! I think CP filers would be around 5%. Atleast in my organization, in July, 70 people filed 485 and I am the only CP applicant!

    So you will be on H1 till conclusion. Best Luck.


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  • riva2005
    04-06 08:33 PM
    What's going on here is that approx there are 500,000 people on H1B visas in this country.

    If Anti-H1 crowd propose a bill to throw all of them out, people will laugh at them and ask them to get lost.

    So what the anti-H1 crowd has done here is "Slow bleed" as described by admin. Get rid of 8000-10,000 H1Bs out of the country each month. That way, the impact will slow and it wont send any shockwaves. IF existing H1s go to renew their H1 and the new rules apply, half of them wont fit in the new rules of "You cannot do consulting". So they will have to go back.

    These guys are trying to do what UK did to Indian and Chinese doctors. They want all of us to go back. Only difference between what UK did to doctors and what these guys want to do to us is that these guys are smarter and they are trying to get this done in slow motion. IF they take Tancredo like approach of "Everyone out, and shut the door", then it wont work.

    They have learned from Tancredo's mistake and now have adoped this slow bleed strategy of getting rid of their competition.

    If desi bodyshops are punished this way, then all of us will also be punished. This is not the right way to stop abuse. The right way to stop abuse is to allow more portability between jobs and retention of PDs, etc.

    By making consulting totally illegal, they are going too far and the fallout will be felt by H1B employees also.

    Basically, they want the 1990s back. They want to roam in job market with foriegn competition, where even high-school drop-outs can get jobs of $100,000 a year by writing 20 lines of code per week.

    Man up you xenophobes. Face the competition and stop being whiny boys running to Grassley and Sessions every time you lose jobs. Get a job and get a life. Unemployment rate is 4.4 %. If you cant find jobs right now, dont blame H1B employees. Something is wrong with you.

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  • GCKaIntezar
    01-03 10:03 PM
    Got a fellow retrogression victim to sign-up as a member today.

    Welcome on board kkomurav!



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  • hellomms
    05-27 02:43 PM

    I have created a letter template (linked below), I have a couple questions that I have put in the comments so you guys can provide some input.

    I am going to create another template that you can use to fill in your name and other related information (naidu2543 brought up a good point and I am somewhat skeptical on adding the case number. Admins, any input?). I think we should all have hand-written signature (not typed) in that letter.

    I am going to provide a fax number and email address, where each one of you can send the signed sheet.

    I think there should be a benchmark for the signature, before we can send it out. From the polls, I see 69 people said that they would support the initiative, I think its reasonable to expect at least 65 people will send their signatures, before we can send the letter out.

    IV Admins.,

    Please review the letter and let us know if you have any input to the questions I have in the letter.

    WaitingBoy, I added your case and the link has the updated file.

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  • msp1976
    06-14 10:56 AM
    I couldn't agree more with you. This is the worst thing to happen for ppl who have been patiently waiting in BEC lines since 2001 !!! Essentially this means that dates will get current for all the PERM filers since Mar 2005, giving them the advantage of AC21 while leaving simple ppl like you stuck. And then by the time your labor gets approved dates may not be current anymore.
    But unless you are the type of person who's willing to get into buying labor certification there is nothing you can do! Is it unfair, hell yeah! Life's a b****. But remember you are getting screwed now others have either been screwed at some other point or will get screwed later. We all get screwed :D

    Are yuou out of your mind? You are asking a man who has been waiting in line since 2003 a spoilsport? If he was really a spolisport who would bought his way out by now. You want him to celebrate while you get AC21 and he's left waiting again? You have some nerve!

    I am in the same boat as H1BLegal95..
    My labor Jul 2004 is stuck in PBEC...


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  • sushilup
    05-28 07:31 PM
    Did anyone receive EAD by mail, who had CPO 5/14?

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  • chanduv23
    04-08 10:19 AM
    Well that would be an option make H1b portable.
    But then most consulting companies will not hire H1B's because it won't be cost effective.
    Anyway just by checking most of this consulting firms businesses they will be able to uncover all the fraud.
    It's very unethical to make you lie on your resume and then try to market you to an employer with fake experience, also nobody has responded to my comment. Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while
    this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    I have seen tons of American citizen resumes with Fake experience. When we conducted background check, we found that a lot of companies they listed on thier resumes could not be found as their employer and a lot of people also fake on education saying they are from Harward etc..... This has become very common now locally. A lot of American people get JOBS ONLY through recomendations of friends or relatives and by word of mouth. They do not go through a stringent interview process. They will do everything possible to keep their jobs and get jobs in an easy manner. The companies that hire people on h1b as employees or contractors actually look for "real" skilled workers so that they have a strong skill based workers.

    Body shops want you to fake ur resume only when
    (1) You want to get your wife a h1b placement through a body shop, who actually has no experience but you approach the body shop for filing ur spouse h1b
    (2) You do Master's and want to get a placement through a body shop.
    (3) Your skills are not marketable by body shopping requirements.

    Body shops care for themselves. The kind of consulting jobs they deal with are jobs that require wierd skills and most times and thats why they get those requirements.

    You can survive without faking resume if
    (1) Keep trying hard for direct jobs and meet minimum standards
    (2) Be competitive, try to crack the googles and microsofts multi layer interviews, go back to basics and learn and work hard
    (3) If you are subject to cap - work around it. Look for options.
    (4) Increase your skill base. Do projects at home on your laptop. Go to open source or google user groups and gain more knowledge.

    Make a body shopper dependent on your skills. Get selected for a contract job without faking resume and then carry your body shopper to sign the corp to corp contract. You can keep your skill and update as well as do body shopping without faking resume.

    So if you blame body shopping companies for the mess, it will directly feed into anti immigrants as they want reasons to get back into their lazy easy job lifestyle and get rid of the competitive H1bs.


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  • Goodintentions
    01-12 08:46 PM
    Dear All,

    This is just to inform you that I have posted (not emailed) letters to the Pres, Speaker, Congressman, Issa (letter of thanks) and Senators on the subject bill

    Request all those who believe that this will help our community to write a letter / send a mail (whatever conveniences you)

    It is unfortunate that almost all our discussions end up becoming vitriolic, passionate and divisive. Just keep doing what we all can to help get more visas for us and IF POSSIBLE let us try to be united. The logic as I see is - the more number of visas for us, the more we gain. I have no more comments to offer.

    I only hope and wish the community the very best!

    Thank you...

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  • indian111
    06-01 10:21 PM
    EAd efiles to TSC on 4/26
    CPO on 5/14
    Card received on 06/01 for 2 yrs with the expiry date starting from the end of the current card.



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  • eeezzz
    04-25 11:47 AM
    somebody got really lucky!!!
    PD 06/20/2005 Nebraska EB3 RD 07/10/2007

    I really doubt that case is real. But that does cheer people up, if the bubble is not busted.

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  • ajaykk
    05-03 03:49 PM
    i got an approval email for me and my wife last night.
    PD: June 29, 2006
    Texas Service Center

    Congratulations dude.
    What does the status say? "Approved", "Decision", "cards production ordered".. I heard the statuses change from Initial review to Decision, Cards ordered then Approved.

    Just curios and keeping my fingers crossed for our case.



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  • gc_chahiye
    06-29 05:49 PM
    That Oh guy has been apologizing every second week for tehe rumors he post ....

    this is on AILA website too. someone posted the link on another thread. lets track all this on hte "Is the door going to..." thread...

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    02-25 09:20 AM
    shared on my facebook page.


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  • gc4me
    06-27 12:35 PM
    For me the agony is endless. My deshi employer did not provide me the EVL in time though I was able to file in JUNE. They gave it to me after JULY 20th when I stopped sending timesheets.

    I am personally not a big supporter of elimination of country quota. Don�t get me wrong. I fully share and understand the endless pain is being gone through by EB3 Indians/Chinese community. Increasing # of EB visa will ease some of their pain.

    For an example there are 1000 IT processionals from India wants to come to US with H1/L1/B1. There are ample companies (say 50) owned by Indian and those 1000 IT professionals have enough opportunities to come to US.
    On the other hand, for an example, from Ukraine, there are 100 IT professionals are trying to migrate to US with H1/L1/B1 but there are few to none companies (say 1 ) owned by Ukrainians and those 100 IT professionals have few to none opportunity to come to US.
    My point is, there are more IT Indians in US do not validate removal of country quota.
    Others should get a fair chance � NO MONOPOLY is desirable.

    Also New Jersey has too may Indians living, may be one day, there can be revolution, and they might ask for a separate country. I am kidding here.

    We are really missing the boat..till Oct'08 FY09 starts..:(

    waiting became routine..

    PD:EB3 India Oct,2001

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  • vdlrao
    05-05 04:42 AM
    My GC was approved today... I came to the US 10 years back. It's been such a long journey that it's tiring to even think about it. The backlog processing center, re-starting the GC process, Several H1b visa stamps, July fiasco rollercoster... At this point I think I am just tired - not happy, not sad...

    Good luck to everyone out there!

    My details:

    PD: May 28th 2006
    SC: Nebraska
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    CONGRATS and Enjoy the new life with freedom of visa renewals.

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  • dupedinjuly
    07-19 02:25 PM
    And pretty big boat which will move very slowly.....

    July 2nd all will be in same boat.

    Contributed $260 so far

    05-14 09:31 PM
    I'm not sure if you *have* to apply for an extension for her when you switch your job.

    Thanks dilbert_cal. I too am not sure if this is needed. I will definitely consult a lawyer and seek his opinion. Yeah, I agree, any other day would have given me lot more answers, but again, I am happy that today brought smiles to many of those fortunate souls.

    Hello Gurus - I would appreciate any feedback you can provide on my case. Thanks.

    01-22 07:00 PM

    I believe you have poured your heart out there! Wonderful job! I believe most of the sane members here totally respect your decision to buy a home without GC.

    Having said that, although your description of half-a-day's work gave me goosebumps, I'm not too carried away. If it happens, it happens! I'd go back to my home country with the fond memory of 10 years of life here! As you said, we wont go back empty handed. Came to US with just $200 in the pocket!

    Relax and enjoy your home,

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