Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bedrock Album Cover Lil Wayne

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  • va_dude
    07-20 05:58 PM
    First of all you would need a visa to visit UK.

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  • hibworker
    09-15 03:13 PM
    Its a typo... they copy - pasted EB3-C dates.

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  • Artist: Young Money (Lil Wayne

  • roseball
    01-27 04:28 PM
    Immigration & Winning the Future | The White House (

    I quote:
    "We have also improved our legal immigration system by reducing backlogs of immigration applications and devoting critical funding to promote innovative citizenship preparation and integration programs in communities throughout the country."

    Any idea what they are talking about in terms of backlog reduction?

    Cases waiting for visa numbers are not considered as backlogged. USCIS only terms cases pending processing as backlogged cases.

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  • kevinkris
    12-11 01:35 PM
    Hi Nikith,

    I guess we get FP for 485. Not for EAD or even AP.
    You will get second (or even third or fourth...) Finger print notice(s)
    until you get GC every 15 or 18 months.

    They need to renew their FP database.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Gurus

    Do we get FP again for second EAD :confused:

    Thanks in advance.


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  • pd_recapturing
    06-28 09:31 AM
    A friend's H1B transfer from company A to company B was denied. Since his H1B with company A is still valid and is going to expire in 3 months, he can still go back to work for company A. However, if he chooses not to work for company A and tries to find a third employer to do another transfer, is he considered out of status for these three months?
    Do you know as to why it got denied ?

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    04-15 02:15 PM

    My Labor was denied for the following reason -

    Neither the earliest date listed for a recruitment step on ETA Form 9089, 03/20/2008 listed in XXX and XXX, nor the date the application was filed 8/27/2008 fall within the Prevailing wage determination validity period of 4/21/200-7/20/2008. This indicates the employer did not begin recruitement, not file the application during the Prevailing wage determination period.

    Can you guys please suggest what could be done. Letter states we can ask for a review. But lawyer thinks we have start the process from the begining.

    Would appreciate susgestion ASAP. Have only 15 days to respond.


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  • purgan
    10-06 10:41 PM
    There is a story in the Oct 6 Wall Street Journal on high skilled immigration reform. If anyone has a subscription to that, pl. post for the benefit of members...

    OpinionJournal's Political Diary
    Who leaked the Foley emails and why?; industries seeking more high-skill immigrants pin their hopes on Congress's lame duck session; new film debunks the hypocrisy of anti-development greenies. (Click to Subscribe)
    2:30 p.m. EDT

    Seperately, the Economist has a 15-page report on the "Global Hunt for Talent". It specifically highlights how restrictive immigration quotas for skilled workers are hurting US competitiveness and how other western nations are racheting up their efforts to lure skilled foreigners.

    Here are some excerpts

    Most governments are easing restrictions on the entry of skilled workers. Some are going further and offering incentives. Germany has made it easier for skilled workers to get visas. Britain has offered more work permits for skilled migrants. France has introduced a “scientist visa”. Many countries are making it easier for foreign students to stay on after graduating. Canada and Australia have not only tilted their long-established points systems further towards the skilled, they have also introduced more incentives. Australia and New Zealand have created a ladder leading from universities to the workforce and then to permanent residence.

    Two economists, Fr�d�ric Docquier and Hillel Rapoport, estimate that average emigration rates worldwide are 0.9% for the low-skilled, 1.6% for the medium-skilled and 5.5% for the high-skilled. These rates have been accelerating far faster for the high-skilled group than for the rest. Skilled immigrants accounted for more than half of all admissions in Australia, Canada and New Zealand in 2001. The global war for talent is likely to intensify. Most developed countries are already struggling to find enough doctors and teachers, and are wondering how they will manage when the baby-boomer generation retires. Developing countries, for their part, realise that they will not be able to plug into the global knowledge economy unless they give their people the freedom to move around.

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  • hope4gc
    04-02 08:08 AM
    I have completed 4 years on H1B and I converted to L2 status and applied for EAD(feb'10) thru my Spouse's L1 Visa.

    My GC is in process and not filed my I-485 yet.

    Now my question is, as if i stay L2 for 1 year and if i convert it back to H1B, will my H1 term Start all over and will i get additional 6 year term? Please provide your feedback



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  • number30
    10-10 06:00 PM
    As we all know, the entire north Karnataka and parts of coastal and Malnad regions are in the grip of one of the worst natural disasters the State has witnessed in a long time.

    The floods that followed torrential rains have brought unprecedented misery to lakhs of people in the form of destruction to housing, properties, crop loss and deaths.

    The State has suffered huge losses with massive infrsatructure damage.Rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations for the affected people are a gigantic task and it will take weeks, if not months. In this hour of human tragedy, we can do our bit to support hapless people as governments efforts alone are not adequate.

    People are suffering with no food, no power, no drinking water and no basic amenities. Your generous donations would be utilized to safeguard lives, put their lives back together and provide rehabilitation.

    Let us all put our hearts together and take the initiative to send a generous donation today. We cannot do it alone but together we can make a difference. Even a small contribution by each, makes a big amount as we all know - "Hani Hani Koodidre Halla".

    Please follow instructions below to open your heart and purse to support our own people suffering to get their lives back on track

    Where and how to send money:

    Donations will be accepted by CHECK or Credit Card.

    Please help us by sending your donations Payable to �AKKA Flood Relief Fund� and mail to the following address:

    AKKA Flood Relief Fund

    228 Granville circle
    Egg harbor township, NJ 08234

    To pay by credit card, please Visit AKKA Sahayavaani ( <>

    Please indicate if you do not want your name to be published in the list of Donors on the website.
    2. Is my donation Tax-deductible?
    Yes. All monetary contributions are tax deductible. AKKA is a not for Profit Cultural Organization with 501 (C) (3 <> ) Status Tax ID: 59-352-7607. Contributions above $100 will receive an acknowledgement letter.
    3. First preference is cash donations. All money collected will be deposited in a separate account, audited and closed.
    4. Bank account is being setup. We will provide details for wire transfer.
    5. Where will my donation go?
    AKKA will ensure full amount is being used for Flood relief efforts. Details of distribution are being worked out and will be updated on the website.

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  • VivekAhuja
    05-18 06:15 PM
    What US address did you give USCIS? And what are you planning to give them later?


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  • tradahoo
    09-04 08:10 PM

    Anyone knows about filing for PERM on the 6th year of H1B? Will it still eligible for H1B extension?

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  • manand24
    10-23 03:21 PM
    I also got an LUD, no idea what it means? May be RFE or Approval or nothing.


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  • gcnirvana
    07-31 11:56 PM
    Please don't travel till you get your 485 Receipts. Recently I read in one of IV forums that someone's application was rejected because he/she travelled while his/her application was in process. Talk to your attorney before doing it.
    Good Luck!

    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

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  • sanz
    04-05 10:50 PM
    why is the grass always green on the other side :D


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  • nozerd
    03-26 10:03 AM
    OK, Im ready to help. I have already done some initial research and here is what Ive come up with.

    Below is a Map of all Texas congressional districts

    The following districts and Congressman/women represent the H Town area.

    District 2 : Ted Poe (R)
    District 7 : John Culberson (R)
    District 8: Kevin Brady (R)
    District 9: Al Green
    District 10: Michael McCall (R)
    District 14 : Ron Paul (R)
    District 18: Sheila Jackson Lee (D)
    District 22: Nick Lampson (D) - District formerly held my Tom DeLay
    District 29: Gene Green (D)

    I dont know where most of the Republican stand on CIR. About the Democrats here is their stand.

    Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green (Both African American) are for CIR

    Nick Lampson - He has already come out and said he will vote against STRIVE or any CIR bill if there is a provision to adjust status of those who are already hee legally.

    Gene Green - Im not sure. So i think we should focus on Gene Green and the Republicans.

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  • fromnaija
    11-06 10:12 AM
    Nothing stops you from changing your employer and submitting another H1 "transfer" with a transfer pending. This is called an anchor transfer. But beware that if the pending transfer is withdrawn by your former employer then USCIS will deny the newer transfer. I read about that somewhere but I don't have the link right now.


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  • qwerty14
    01-20 01:14 PM

    My main worry is that since I dont have a copy of the I-140 approval from old employer, Is there a way the new employer can ask USCIS to look up that case(I have a copy of the receipt)?

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  • waitin_toolong
    10-26 11:33 AM
    My only question with your scenario is the how did you think that even without the current scenario of frontlog how can you expect to receive the I-485 receipt in one week.

    Based on your timeline your PD will be current in Nov, and you can still file after your return, why take chances.

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  • sri1234
    01-30 08:47 AM
    You can work on H1B visa till you get FINAL approval or denial.

    Whats your attorney openion?

    I do not have direct contact with the attorney.
    My company hr says i can work as per the attorney.

    I am wondering will this have any effect on my I-485?

    Can i apply for H1 transfer during this period?

    Please advise.

    06-20 01:43 PM

    I am on Adv-Parole (with EAD) and planning to visit India in July 2010.

    I know that UK and France require transit visa, but I was wondering whether I can fly via KLM (Amsterdam) OR Lufthansa (Frankfurt) without any transit visa ?

    Will appreciate the response.


    Hi Venu,
    I can say with certainity that transit visa is not required for return through Amsterdam on AP. This year 2010, was my second travel through Amsterdam with AP and the port officials really respected the document and treated me very well.

    02-26 01:24 PM
    What is the expiration date for her current H-4 I-94?

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