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    08-07 02:50 PM
    Just spoke to IO at NSC. Asked about my case. NC is clear and right now processing 09/06 cases so no movement on my case.

    Asked if it has chance getting approved by the end of this year. She said, depending on how many visa no. they get from DOS, there are fair chances that it may get approved by the end of this year.

    I still do not trust them, but her kind words gave me little hope.

    PD- - 04/08/2002 (ROW)
    I-140 RD - March 2007 (Approved)
    I-1485 RD - March 2007 (PENDING)

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  • hiralal
    08-10 11:56 AM
    With not many 'easy' H1b cases anymore. This looks like another route for the 'attorney' to get more clients, selling fear!
    I agree !! it is definitely bad news and many may end up spending more on a plastic card. more business for lawyers !!!
    maybe guiness book of world records should have an entry for the costliest plastic card I just hope and pray that future generations have better options at home and in different countries and links such as these point out the hard truth that everyone needs to have a plan B - and be mobile and ready to move. (i.e. not get stuck with immovable assets).

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  • dgs
    07-17 07:57 PM
    Hi folks,

    Could someone please point me to a Marriage Certificate Translation service9s)?

    It's in Marathi and has photos, legal fee stamps and seals on it and I would like to retain the look as much as possible.

    I kinda searched this website, but the search engine doesn't take you to a specific post in a thread. Instead it just brings up all threads that contain a post with the search keyword. After navigating through a few pages with no luck, I gave up and hence the (potentially redundant) question!

    With another opportunity for Adjustment of Status around the corner, I want to get this asap.


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  • icecolor
    09-12 09:01 AM
    What does this mean?
    On September 10, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

    Does it mean that they mailed the letter that it is approved or did they mail the card?


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  • waiting4gc02
    02-20 07:42 AM
    I wanted to know that if somebody has currently an approved LC and I-140(EB-3) with Company A and decided to change jobs to Company B, who would now file under EB-2.

    a) Can he hold on to his EB3 priority date..though the new petition would be filed under EB-2 ?
    Yes, I know a lot of ppl have asked this question in the wake of the retrogession that we are all sufferning through ?

    b) If this Company B were to file for H1-B , as I understand it would count towards the 2007-2008 quota which opens on April 1st '07...does this scenario also force you to not start working till Oct'07 (which is when ppl who file in the 2007-08 quota are supposed to start working).

    What I am trying to understand is that in this scenario can you change jobs and start to work for Company B without having to wait till Oct'07 ?


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  • greencard_fever
    08-08 01:01 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?

    How do you know that NSC is not processing the post April 2004 EB-2 cases? any source like infopass or calling the customer service?


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  • number30
    06-09 06:45 AM
    My question is regarding Citizenship. My mother married my step father in the year 2000. They have 2 children one is 7 the other is 9. My mother did not adjust her status right after they married. she waited a few years. She received her green card on November of 2006. "the one that renews every 10 years. This year she separated him because she cheated on her. They are not legally separated or anything like that. She wants to become a US Citizen but we think it might be a problem since this year they did not file taxes together. When she did her taxes she checked the box that says shes filing married but separately. He does not want the divorce but she does. I told her she should hold of on any divorce and see about getting her citizenship first. What complications can she have since this year they did not file jointly. I appreciate your time and any input
    No she should not have any problems since she has 10 year validity green card(One with Condition removed). IF the citizenship is applied after three years green card they will check the validity of the marriage. Usually if you apply citizenship after 5 years there are will not be questions about marriage. if you have the issues apply 2011

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  • nixstor
    09-15 09:43 PM
    Rajiv Khanna
    Sheela Murthy
    Mathew Oh


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  • ajju
    09-17 01:44 AM
    I think: We donot have a choice. We have to show up on the day and time given on FP notice. If we can't- we have to request uscis for re-scheduling.

    Call the ASC office and usually in such circumstances.. they allow to come earlier... Lots of ASCs are open sat.. So that may be good for you... Call your local ASC...

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  • kk_kk
    09-20 01:56 PM
    yes. you can. Just DON'T cancel. Keep them suspended. You have your utilities also suspended in the same way for much lesser fee.


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  • baires
    09-02 08:40 PM
    Good info. Much appreaciated

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  • raydon
    08-25 01:17 AM
    Depends on whether the role for which he is applying requires a PhD or not. Once again, consult a good lawyer.

    Small addition to your post. EB1A does not require a job offer, but it needs the applicant to prove exceptional ability. EB1B (outstanding researcher or professor) and EB1C (multinational manager) do need sponsorship and a job offer.


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  • ilikekilo
    07-02 08:50 AM
    if u were you get in touch with a lawyer and see ur options...i wouldnt wait anymore

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  • rhoh
    08-13 06:20 PM
    It will be 30 days prior to the start date mentioned in I-20.


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  • priderock
    08-07 04:27 PM
    She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it."

    Wow. She was upset because she was not strip searched? :D

    :) :)

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  • singhsa3
    08-08 02:20 PM
    No this time I will prefer hunger strike.. Care to participate?
    Why don't you file a lawsuit? :)


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  • black_logs
    05-08 02:02 PM
    I read this quote in RD, sorry I forgot who said it!!!

    'U.S. is a big conspiracy to make you feel happy'.

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  • jkays94
    04-07 06:00 PM
    While the issues being highlighted may lean towards those being termed as illegal aliens, I wouldn't be so quick to call these organizations as exclusively illegal immigrant interest groups. However it is up to one to make their personal decision whether to attend or not, if there weren't legal immigrants and citizens amongst their midst ( (see linked interview), no one would listen or take note, one thing is certain though, we're now in the same boat given the bill has been thrown into uncertainity :

    The National Capital Immigrant Coalition – a coalition of immigrant, labor, faith, civil rights and business community groups in the metro, Washington, DC area – and allies around the nation, developed the concept of a National Day of Action. These appear as their objectives :

    Congress should pass real, immigration reform that:

    1) respects our values of fairness, hard work and family

    2) provides a clear path to earned citizenship

    3) fixes America's immigration system to make it safe, legal, and orderly

    4) unites families

    5) ensures workplace and civil rights protections for everyone

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  • apimvoice
    07-18 11:11 AM
    No I didn't point out anything just im sharing the data.And waiting for EB2 to be current.I don't know how the smily comes next to PD?

    03-14 09:02 AM
    In such cases, contact your local Congress representative. They will help you out real quick.

    12-06 08:39 AM
    I am starting a new thread for guys from india with pd 2006 eb3...please do share your updates and thoughts......

    pd feb 2006 eb3 india
    i-140 nov 2006
    i-140 approval june 2007
    i-485 filed august 13th 2007
    rd october 9 2007
    ead approval oct 15th
    ap approval oct 17th
    finger printing code3 nov 21st
    name check,security clearance and background checks completed october

    guys nobody with 2006 pd eb3 from any retrogressed countries?come on!!!!!!!

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