Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • Pineapple
    10-13 03:47 PM
    Thanks for responding, newuser, newbie2020, and We_will_get_GC!
    Please PM me your contact information..

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  • desigirl
    11-10 12:13 PM
    sorry folks. that was I485 /AC21

    What did the USCIS do?

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  • a_yaja
    08-17 05:06 PM
    Thanks for your reply. What does DMV care about to decide till when the license will be valid?

    1. H1 visa on the passport
    2. H1 approval notice
    3. Can I show them the AP?

    You said that you live in IL. As far as I know, in IL, they do not care about Immigration Status - unless it is something very recent. My brother lived in IL till March 2009 - and his DL was issued for 4 years. I am sure that this is the case for Motorcycle license too.

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  • same_old_guy
    07-09 06:00 PM
    AILA update :

    AILF's Legal Action Center Seeks Plaintiffs on EB Visa Number Availability
    Issue (Updated 7/9/07)

    What's cooking ?


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  • prem_goel
    11-18 06:11 PM
    ha ha ha....well said...

    ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market

    First of all, is your profile legitimate? It shows your PD as Dec'07 / EB3/India and you are in 485 processing??????

    anyway, as long as some fools doesn't admit the facts and realize the changing world, all those forums / blogs / hatred etc; will be just a waste of their time. ofcourse they have been wasting watching stupid games in TVs / Stadiums instead could use 'that' time to gain some new skills / learn new technologies that are required to survive in the job market.

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  • smohan
    07-15 06:31 AM
    Thanks for your answer indio0617, it is greatly helpful.


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  • acecupid
    06-12 04:30 PM
    Guru, I intend to seek your opinion/thoughts on some thing that is going on in mind.

    I am working as a contractor for a Insurance Company. My GC process is started thru a desi consulting company. Priority date is Jun 2007 EB3 - India

    The company is now offerring me to join them as permanent employee. They are saying they can help me with immigration.

    My question is .. I dont understand how they can help me. I think the best they can do it apply as EB2 - India. (Which we heard recently is no better then my current EB3 India.)

    Am I missing anything here ? Trying to make up my mind one way or the other (to accept this position or not.)

    Didnt you ask your desi company how they will help in GC process if you join full time ?

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  • smuggymba
    10-08 03:00 PM
    I thought u r H1 status since 1st october. Have u started working for the new H1 employer (leaving ur L1 behind).

    I'm saying u can move from one H1 comp to another within 30 days without paystubs. If u r not even on H1, then this case doesn't arise. At L1, u can't transfer.


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  • Joey Foley
    September 15th, 2005, 01:17 PM
    Dude. Your "Bloody Eyes", "Ozzfest 2005", and "John 5" rock.
    Who are those guys, bloody eyes, and the guy with glasses in the Ozzfest 05 photo? I guess I don't know who John 5 is either, looks like he'd play for MM. ...guess other than Sabb and Maiden, arenarock aint my thing.
    ...saw your ?? about PPlanet, I'll let ya know if they correct it next month.

    Thanks man!

    John5 was playing guitar for Rob Zombie in that photo taken at Ozzfest.
    He has played guitar for a lot of people. He's mostly a solo guitarist. He's pretty decent.
    He's also played in and/or on the following people's CDs: Leah Andreone,David Lee Roth,Two,Ryan Downe,Marilyn Manson to name a few.
    Bloody eyes photo is Chad Gray is the singer for the band "MUDVAYNE" (not my thing at all, Nu-metal stuff, but kind of fun to photo)
    The guy in the glasses, his name Trevor Strnad he's in a band called "THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER" (really heavy, hardcore meets metal type stuff).

    I'm into a little bit of every kind of music. VERY open mind when it comes to music.

    But my favorite stuff is mostly 80's rock and pop punk type stuff.

    Guns N' Roses,Motley Crue,(old) Nofx,(old) Misfits,Black Sabbath is some of my favorite all time stuff.

    Spouse H4 visa Issue [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Spouse H4 visa Issue

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  • mrdelhiite
    10-19 01:38 PM
    H1, H4 (spouse) and H4 (kid) living happily.

    File 485 and gets EAD/AP.

    H1 doesn't use EAD.

    H4 uses EAD and hence looses H4 status.

    I-485 is denied.

    Now, my understanding is that spouse has to go out of country and come back again on H4.

    What about the kid?

    When does the kid loose his/her H4 status? (When both mother and father use EAD)?

    As long as primary stays in H status any derivative who does not change his H4 status will stay in H4 status. the only way a H4 can loose H4 status if he/she uses EAD. In your case if i have understood it correctly ur Kid will never use EAD and if you never used EAD ur H1 status is active thus ur kids H4 is active .. also i think ur wife can change her status back to H4 but would require her to file some paperwork .. she might need to geta visa stamp when she tries to re-enter into us..



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  • gchopes
    12-15 09:08 AM
    Does this suggest that - All folks who entered on advance parole (and got 1 yr stamp on their I-94) but stayed beyond that duration because of a valid H1B / EAD are out of status?

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  • nashorn
    08-12 04:53 AM
    One can have more than one H1B at a time. So you can ask the second company file for transfer too. If you worry about the first petition, and you feel comfortable to do so, talk about it with the attorney of the second company. Or, you can call USCIS and ask a immigration officer.

    I joined a new employer in May and also had applied for H1B transfer at that time. Now I have a very good offer from another firm but my first H1B transfer is still pending. The new offer is much more rewarding financially. Is it possible to apply for H1 B transfer to the new employer without jeopardizing my H1B status. Please note that I got laid off in April and I was in a hurry to get the new job then, it was also about just over a month when I applied for my H1B transfer since losing that job so I am kind of nervous about the results from USCIS.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, friends!


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  • krishna_brc
    03-11 05:49 PM

    I was working with company# A as Electronics Engineer from Dec ’03 to Jan ’07 on H1B visa, Company# A filed my GC in May ’05 (as Electronic Engineers (Except Computer), 172072.), then later I got very good opportunity in IT field, I quite Company# A and joined Company #B because I build very good relation with Company #A and there were ready to continue my GC file. In August ’07, I filed I-485 (I got EAD based on pending I-485). Now Company #B giving me lay-off, so my question is –

    Company# A still want to hire me after I got GC (because they were very happy with me, right now they don’t have position to hire me back), In this case can I continue working in IT field on EAD status (right now I am on H1B). My current (IT) and Labor profile are both different.

    Thanks for your time.

    I don't think so.
    Your GC is sponsored by company A for "Electronics Engineer"
    Your new job in IT would be neither 'Same' nor 'Similar' to the GC job.
    So you cant use EAD to work invoking AC21.

    You can find new employer who can sponsor H1 though and work in IT.


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  • zico123
    06-22 06:22 PM
    * However, company Y's legal department came back saying that they cannot apply for an H1-B transfer because the current law doesn't allow transfers from an H1-B extension (after the original 6-year H1-B has expired).
    I have never heard of such a law. Contact attorney for clarification.


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  • coolgc
    05-14 01:05 PM
    As per INA Sec 101(b), the definition of child is dependent who is unmarried and under 21 years old. The Child Status Protection Act (2002) provides some additional relief. This article could be useful for you -,0119-eiss.shtm

    Thank you very much for the information and also for the very useful link.

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  • fxok425
    01-09 10:07 PM
    I was H1B, but used AP return to the U.S. the same company, but when I filed the new I-9 form after return, the company lawyer asked me to write EAD and EAD expiration date, so I guess I am AOS now? or not? I am not sure. My company will resume my H1B this month, but don't know when it will be completed.

    Now I am going to e-file EAD renew.There are some questions in the form I-765 that I am not sure how to answer (The lawyer has completed his 140 and 485 document, so he doesn't want to answer now.):

    1, Manner of Last Entry into the U.S.: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B (SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?

    2, Status: Should I choose PAR (PAROLEE) or H1B(SPECIALITY OCCUPATION)?

    3, Please select your eligibility status : Should I choose (a) (4) PAROLEE or (c) (9) FILED I-485?



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  • pappu
    04-21 04:30 PM
    Could you send the contribution details to IV. You can either PM or send an email.

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  • amitk81
    07-15 11:52 AM
    Hey I got a phone call last evening, my lawyer advised me to cancel the appointment and use my AP and EAD instead.

    She advised to go to India and get my H1B stamped in Dec (which I might end of doing anyways).

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  • jliechty
    January 29th, 2005, 06:03 PM
    The upside-down "V" shaped branches in the upper left corner are distracting, but could probably be cloned out with a bit of work in PS. The bright leaves in the upper right corner are also distracting, but a bit of burning in could probably make them stand out less. The water is blown out down at the bottom, but that's easy to excuse if you're using a P&S where you don't have much control over the exposure - or even a way to reliably gauge it until the image is on your computer monitor. Overall, the image has potential, and it shouldn't be too hard to fix most of the little issues I see with a bit of time in Photoshop. :)

    06-30 01:27 PM
    Getting married in the US, then followed by the ceremony back home is advisable. The same was recommended by an attorney to my family member.

    06-17 07:50 PM
    I & My wife are working on H1-B visas currently. We two simulataneously started our Greencard process with our employers.

    Both of us have a priority date of Sept 2006 & our EB category is Eb2. Both our labors got approved & applied for I-140s. My wife's I-140 got approved recently (from TSC) while Mine is still pending with NSC (Nebraska dates are behind).

    A couple of months back, my current employer offered me a pre-aproved EB3 labor (from April 2004) & asked me to apply for I-140 (Substitute). He told me that once approved, I can port this EB3 2004 priority date onto my Eb2 I140. I applied for the same in premium processing, subsequently got an ability-to-Pay RFE and employer is working on providing audited financial statements from 2004.

    Overall, we have 3 I-140s between me (2 pending) & my wife (1 Approved). Now that everything is current which one should we pick for applying I-485....This has become a big puzzle for us.

    Here below is a snapshot of our status:

    Me - EB2 (Sept 2006) - I-140 Pending
    - EB3 (Apr 2004) - I-140 Pending (got RFE)

    My wife - EB2 (Sept 2006) - I-140 Approved

    Here are the options we could think of -

    I know, the safest way is to apply I-485 to my wife's approved I-140. But with the DHS's forecast that retrogression is going to be back anytime around Spetember of this year, I am not sure if applying 485 based on a year 2006's date is any useful!! (We get EAD but we may be struck for years to get the green cards).

    Is there an option for both of us to apply for I-485s (I will be dependent on my wife's application & my wife would be dependent on my application). If possible, this option gives us a safety net & also helps us in picking up the best. I know at some point, we have to choose between either of the I-485s but hopefully in a couple of months, we get clarity when both my I-140s are approved.

    Or is it possible for me to apply for AOS on my pending EB2 2006 I-140 and then once my other Eb3 I-140 is also approved, Can I port the PDs while my I-485 is pending??

    In essence, I am trying to find out a way to take advantage of 2004 Priority date I have (assuming Eb3 I-140 is approved).

    Could you please help out, if you have any ideas!!

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